Deborah Norville Tonight

(ended 2005)


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Deborah Norville Tonight

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Deborah Norville Tonight is a nightly news show from MSNBC presented by an award-winning journalist. Deborah Norville broadcasts her show introducing the day's top headlines, which segues to one-on-one interviews with invited guests. The host takes on politics, entertainment news and human interest stores, using fresh news footage as it happens, and anchoring the network's special reports. Newsworthy people like executive, Walter Yetnikoff, Ex-CIA man, G. Gordon Liddy, and convicted church leader, Ross Chatwin, stop by MSNBC studios to give Norville their version of what happened. Celebrities also appear on Norville Tonight to promote their film projects, including actors Janeane Garofalo, Brad Pit and Kevin Klein. Throughout the season, the network sends their reporters on the road to cover the day's latest events, giving news watchers a sneak peek into popular conventions and world conferences. Besides reporting on business people, politicians and high-profile criminal cases, Norville also looks at advances in technology and extraordinary people living in the United States.