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    In the interest of open disclosure, I thought I would explain where all of my points came from on this guide. When I gained the editorship, all of the episodes were here...but there were some definite issues. First, every episode that had a summary was directly copied from another site (CTVA). I thought this was interesting, since none of the other info from that site had been added (guest stars, production codes, etc). It is definitely possible that CTVA took the summaries from here--either way they needed to be reworded to avoid problems. So, I added all that information. Second, Spring Byington had not been attached to any episode (and since she was the star the show was built around, I thought it important to attach her to every show).

    After adding all of that info, I thought December Bride was as complete as I could get it. Then, I discovered that has recently added a bunch of information for older shows into its online database. While this is great news, it does mean that I racked up some more CPs for this guide. I was able to get episode summaries (reworded for copyright) and guest stars. Some epsiodes had no guest stars attached, while others had the star but no character name. The problem is that in order to add a character's name (or change one) on an ID # already attached to the guide, you have to use 2 subs.

    All of these things have led to my point total which isn't unreasonably high considereing all of the corrections I've been making.

    If you have any questions for me, please PM me.

    Also, I would LOVE any additional information you can find on this show. PLEASE submit! As long as you have a source, I will love to have more info on this clas$ic show.
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    I have published a biography of DECEMBER BRIDE regular VERNA FELTON (available from Bear Manor Media, Amazon, Barnes&, etc.), and the book features a 110-page episode guide for DB. I have seen all of the 157 eps except for 12 and for those, I relied on TV GUIDE as well as producer Parke Levy's scripts, which I researched at the Univ. of Arizona where they're housed. My guide contains air dates, filming dates, writers, directors, guest casts, and ep summaries. Quite an undertaking, but fun because it's one of my favortie sitcoms from childhood, plus it allowed Miss Felton to shine. She did all her own stunts, and she was the master of the pratfall. Check her out on youtube jumping out a window in the ep which guest starred Desi Arnaz.

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