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Who killed Vivian Bowers (and why)?

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    Don't know if the mod for this show will mind but I wanted to created a thread about the core of this show. I appoligize for not doing so sooner. Anyways, I figure better late than never with the finale approaching.

    So who do you believe killed Vivian? And if you have a why, include that too.

    Some things I'd like to bring up from a personal observation of the show... 1. The shows name, Deception (though when starting this thread it came up as Infamous ). Could we as viewers been deceived? 2. The reason Vivian was killed? 3. The killer. Who is it? And was said person hired by someone else to do so or did they act on their own?

    And a side note when it comes to the killer.... If weas viewers have been deceived, anyone could be the killer.Emphasis on anyone.

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