Season 1 Episode 2

Nothing's Free, Little Girl

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 14, 2013 on NBC

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  • #102 'Nothing's Free, Little Girl'

    Well, that was not bad. Not bad at all. It has some decent potential but I feel like it already has no chance of survival - first of all it's NBC and second of all - there almost no promotion at all, even no trending on Twitter. But back to the plot - I like the fact that they're really moving forward with the murder mystery. Robert has some problems with his secretary Hanna who is jealous of Joanna and threatens to go public with a few facts about him and the company. But she changes her mind after her brother's sudden and suspicious accident. We learn something new about Edward and his relationship with his dad Robert. Julian parties really hard and Joanna seems to be still charmed by him even when he's a total jerk to her. But what I really enjoy about this particular episode are the family scenes - yes, those dinners, brunches, breakfasts etc. Plus there was a nice twist at the end - Edward knows Vivian's baby daddy. Nice one. [8.0/10]