Decorating Cents

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  • Best decorating show ever

    If anyone knows how/where to buy this show on dvd or tape, please contact me!
  • Decorating Cents is positive and creative. Joan is heart warming and fun.

    I have been watching decorating cents for many years. Joan is just the best host ever, She is always so personable and friendly, and she cheers me up when ever I see her shows. I look forward to her light heartedness and laughter. Decorating cents has something in every show that we can do ourselves. The show is amazing in what is accomplished in one day. I have seen wonderful transformations in people homes. I appreciate the houses that they rearange at no cost. It makes me take a second look at my own home with new eyes. I want to let you know that I have been disappointed not to be able to see Decorating Cents on 'HGTV on demand.' I use to watch when ever I had the chance. And now it seems to be getting squeezed out of its daytime spot. I have never done anyting like this. but I feel that you need to know how much my daughters and I enjoy Decorating Cents,and it's host. Thank you
  • I like this show because everyone can use it\'s ideas at one time of another in their life.

    In these times we need a show like this to help us with not only ideas, but also, a reasonable way to redecorate your home on a budget. In am currenly, unemployed and the information I recieved help me on how to redecorate my kitchen and living room and dining room. By using things you all ready have in your home and eliminating clutter. Buying a good paint and being just plain enovative. In the future I intend to redo my bathroom and basement areas with some of the other information that I got on the program the other day.The next thing to do for me is to prioitize my list.
  • I started watching this show in 2003 while living in another city. We had to move because of the tornado that year. I also realized, that I would be redecorating the house, and many of the interior decorating shows gave me very good creative ideas.

    Joan the host of Decorating Cents is very likeable. Her designers are some of the most creative, especially with a budget of only $500. Last nights show was very special for me. It reminded me of another show that creates beautiful homes for deserving families. But instead of knocking down the entire house and rebuilding from the groud up, the designers were given the task of re-creating two rooms for each family.

    One father had re-enlisted in the Army for a tour of duty. He would be away from his family for 18 months while serving in Afghanistan. This would be his last Christmas to spend with the family until his return sometime next year or more? Of course without controversy, Joan\'s team of designers created a very lovely Christmas Holiday decore, there were tears galore!

    The second family hadn\'t enjoyed a real Christmas gathering for at least five years. Their first child (son) had only half a heart when he was born. The first 5 years were spend in various surgeries for the young child. Mom and dad had to move in with their parents during this critical time. Thankfully, they were finally able to move into their first home. The family wanted to celebrate their first Christmas in their own home with a mostly healthy first child. Joan and her crew made their wishes and desires a reality!
    More tears of joy in this segment and I am most grateful that both families were overwhelmed with joy and appreciation.

    Merry Christmas to All