Defenders of the Earth

(ended 1987)





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  • Classics Characters

    I loved that they put all these wonderful Pulp characters together in one series then put a contemporary spin on it. Sure some of the episodes were kinda hammy and trite but all in all the series did a fine job of portraying the characters in some very original situations.
  • I like this show very much because of the adventure and action especially to the awesome character visualization and one factor more persuits me the way the writer cycle the story more encouragement.

    I like to watched this show as actually i could but there are more thing i must prefer to make things better.That it takes a couple of time,a one glass of wine,and bit of bread to made a great comment for this show.An exciting show that i recommend you to watched the spectacular action of Jenna and Rick.Even Flash Gordon critical mind to outwit their enemies.My favorite part here is the episode of Ming's hOusehold which i could never thought that Rick should neglect what their enemies planning in.In response he in his own was a victim of his neglecting his duties as far with cleanliness.I love this show very much.
  • Classic 1980's show with everything needed.

    This was one of those classic shows from the 1980's, bringing together Flash Gordon, The Phantom, Mandrake the Magician and Lothar, as well as the young crew, this show had action, adventure and interesting story arch's. Next to that several episodes were made. Pitted against the classic looking Antagonists with green skin and pointed ears we remember what animation used to be about. It is rare that a show like this comes along any more, but the memories will always be there. Not only did it have all that but also a fantastic theme song which is a prime example of the 80's feel.
  • Group of superheroes unite to defend the Earth from the attack of the evil Ming.

    An awesome show and one my favorites for a few reasons which i am going to tell you right now: The base from whcihc the Defenders of the Earth work is amazing, the idea of having a group of heroes and their offsprings saving the earth was amazing, well they sometimes had the help of their pets too; the enemey was also very dark and evil, i specially loved the ice robots from Ming's army; the intro was amazing!; they had cool spaceships to travel around the universe and inside the earth too; Mandrake was a very cool magician and had a a very personality.