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Defiance is a drama from the creative minds behind Battlestar Galactica. Wandering through a terramorphed landscape, the mysterious Nolan decides to put down roots in a border town where aliens and humans struggle to maintain the peace in a hostile world.

    Syfy Cancels Defiance After Three Seasons

    Being the network's most-watched show couldn't save it from cancellation.


    Defiance Season 3 Premiere Review: A Harsh Winter

    Seven months after the events of the Season 2 finale, Defiance is on its last leg as alien threats converge on the town.

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    Fan Reviews (103)

    • I've Sent a Request into Space

      Having only now got to the end of Defiance (I'm almost a year behind on TV because my husband likes to watch everything as a complete series) I have sent a request into space to ask Nolan to keep an eye out for Eli from Stargate Universe who is also in space alone and has been for 5 years. Hopefully he has heard me and they can become friends.
    • Here we go again

      This show has Rockne S. O'Bannon all over it. I liked the first season because I like him, and LOVED Farscape. This is not Farscape, but I think it's worth a wait, and am anxious to see Season 2. All the aliens look Human--so to speak--and all the problems listed by others about the show seem reasonable, but. . . . Wait and see. I HATED BSG when it came out until a friend of mine told me to give it another go. Super glad now that I had even though the ending was SO BAD they had to follow up with--what was it, Caprica(?). I'd like to see what O'Bannon could do with Dr. Who. That's another show soon to be too quickly destroyed. Moffat needs to get out of the sand box with the complex stupidity. But again: wait and see where it goes. UPDATE: As I've come to see, it's not going to go anywhere. That's too bad. I really thought it was worth It's continuing. Kinda like Continuum should have continued, but the ending satisfied everything. I'd like to see another Firefly. Seems like whatever COULD BE GOOD gets cut before Its time. We need GOOD Science fiction please!moreless

      This show is simply terrible. And with its showrunner already exited for another show, it will finally be cancelled. Thank god. Release those poor actors and actresses and let them get on a show that actually has good writers, story, and plots, etc. Oh, and for the record, that Omec woman was one of the worst actresses EVER.
    • Thank You Defiance.

      I didn't know if I would like this show at first. I gave it a try for six episodes, feeling that it was a bit Cheesy and a tad melodramatic, but in time it grew on me. I even found that it grew on my wife who would watch it attentively watch it over my shoulder. What started as a time waster grew into a passion that became a weekly ritual. Upon the season finale I found myself a bit lost and befuddled. There is an empty space in my life where Defiance use to be. I hope it is renewed and I look forward to sharing in the cast future adventures. "Well Done Syfy!" After the End of Battle Star and Farscape I had lost Faith. (You aremoreless
    • Racists!?!????

      CaroleAndme - so you see the Omecs arrival similar to the blacks - killers and rapists. WOW - I didn't make that connection in my head but thanks for sharing your thoughts on blacks. I think as was said earlier if you want to find racism you'll be able to find naggers everywhere. Let me see, who are the WHITEST people on the show - the two who've killed many, destroyed the arch, slept around and betrayed just about everyone for profit - gee maybe the writers love blacks and hate whites!?! Or maybe only a dumbass makes ASSUmptions.moreless

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