Season 1 Episode 4

A Well Respected Man

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 06, 2013 on Syfy
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    Defiance "A Well-Respected Man" Review and 4-Episode Test: Due Deference

    In this episode, everyone tried to earn—or keep—a little respect.

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    Kenya is among several people that are mysteriously abducted. Meanwhile, Rafe tries to determine who gave his dead son the golden device that may have led to the boy's death.

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    • A Very Disrespected Episode!

      After this episode I don't think I'm going to waste anymore time on this flop. I could care less about any of the characters, there has been no to very minimal emotional ties established between me and these characters.

      I still don't know the reason Nolan and Irisa are staying in Defiance, the clich power grab by Datak and Stahma is blas, I could give two craps about Rafe and cheese with that whine son of his and no mention of Nicky and her henchman.

      The only reason I gave the show a chance was because of Mia Kirshner and Rockne S. O'Bannon but I haven't been drawn into this world I'll go watch Game of Thrones instead.

      Oh and one more thing all the lame attempts at the music montages at the end of each episode can't hold a candle to Alias so many good songs put to good scenes that actually made you care and tug at your heart strings for Sydney and Co. Here they just feel forced.

      Good Riddance Defiance!moreless
    • What will Amanda sell next?

      Defiance need better leadership, Amanda is to weak to carry the burden of leadership and this episode proved it. Why sell the town to a crook, now he is even more powerful...

      And if you buy weapons to stockpile it for the town should not the law know about it? Its his job to get rid of the bad element!
    • Very entertaining.

      This was a really good episode of Defiance, and my favourite since hte premiere. The storyline was really great and it was quite intense and suspenseful.

      I really love Amanda and Kenya. Two of the most interesting characters on the show in my opnion, and the development of these characters was great to watch.

      I was also really enjoying the last scene of the episode! It was quite good! I'm looking forward to next week!moreless
    • A Well Respected Man

      A Well Respected Man was an excellent episode of Defiance. I loved the stories theme and how Datak was schooling Nolan on how to operate successfully through respect. It was cool to see more back story for Amanda and Kenya. Quentin and his father have a disagreement and then make up leading to a glimpse of what is in the tunnel his brother was working. Datak finds himself an elevated position and it was great how he shut the door. I liked how Stahma weaved her various webs, and yes her crocheting at the end was perfectly symbolic as Nolan spoke one of the best lines. I liked how events played out and the character growth was on target. I look forward to the next episode!!!!!!!!!

    • I have only one question...

      Where is the science fiction?
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    Robin Dunne


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      • Nolan: What have we here? Oh! Welcome to the gun show. You tell Datak Tarr I'm taking him apart a piece at a time. I'm gonna use this money, his money, and I'm gonna pay off every snitch in town. Anyone who's willing to give me information about his operations.
        Castithan: Whatever.
        Nolan: I'm gonna call it the Datak Tarr Retirement Plan.

      • Amanda: What the hell are you doing in my sister's room? I mean, I know what you're doing in here.
        Nolan: I'm pretty sure that if you didn't know what we were doing in here, you would have knocked first. Hey, my eyes are up here.

      • Datak: When I choose to make a statement, I rarely leave it unsigned. It's hubris, pure and simple. A personal flaw, but my wife seems to like it.

      • Datak: When you people look at me, you see a wild dog. A fierce, unpredictable beast. Occasionally useful when you need to smuggle illegal weapons or find a missing person. But best kept on a short chain. He's not to bite. If you truly saw me as a citizen, you wouldn't have brought this blunt instrument to yank me from my sleep and lay hands on me in front of my family. You think you're better than me. You lack respect. And that... is why I will not help you.

      • Nolan: You know, I've had my eye on the wrong snake. You're the dangerous one.
        Stahma: You're very sweet.

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