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when aliens attack
Apr 23, 2015
Syfy Announces Premiere Dates for Dominion, Defiance, and More
Also inside: series premiere dates for Dark Matter, Killjoys, and Getting Drunk with Chuck.
music to our ears
Feb 25, 2015
Let's Review Bear McCreary's Most Famous TV Themes and Make Mixtapes Out of Them!
We size up all the hits, from Battlestar to Black Sails and everything in between! Oh, and then there's The Cape.
double D's
Sep 25, 2014
Syfy Renews Defiance for Season 3 and Dominion, Yes, Dominion, for Season 2
It's good to be a one-word show whose name begins with the letter D on Syfy.
"plenty of regret to go around"
Aug 29, 2014
Defiance Season 2 Finale Review: The Best and Worst of Both Worlds
Defiance´╗┐ wrapped up its second season with a perfect encapsulation of its best and worst tendencies.
Aug 22, 2014
Defiance "Bottom of the World" and "Doll Parts" Discussion: Running Out of Air
Some things happened but the show hasn't really done much to make me care about any of it.
let the memory live again
Aug 15, 2014
Defiance "Painted From Memory" Discussion: Only Skin Deep
Kenya returns to Defiance and not everyone is happy about it.
can this center hold?
Aug 08, 2014
Defiance "Slouching Towards Bethlehem" Discussion: New Beginning
A place-setting episode brings back old plot points and (hopefully) kickstarts some current ones.
are you still alive?
Jul 27, 2014
Comic-Con 2014: The Complete List of Sunday's TV Panels, Including Sons of Anarchy, Supernatural, and More
Here's a look at what's happening on the final day of this year's event.
Strength from traditions
Jul 25, 2014
Defiance "This Woman's Work" Discussion: Energy Suits and Knitting Circles
Nolan and Pottinger go ark hunting while Stahma continues to shore up her power. Oh, and Tommy found out about Irisa's "Irzu" thing.
"it's not enough"
Jul 11, 2014
Defiance "Beasts of Burden" Review: A World That Has Such People in It
Pottinger was attacked by raiders, and it set off a bad chain of events. Meanwhile, Datak tried to restore himself atop his empire and his family.
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Defiance is a drama from the creative minds behind Battlestar Galactica. Wandering through a terramorphed landscape, the mysterious Nolan decides to put down roots in a border town where aliens and humans struggle to maintain the peace in a hostile world.