Season 1 Episode 2

Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 22, 2013 on Syfy

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  • It can go either way with the show, but I'm positive so far

    I was "cautiously enthusiastic" after the pilot. I thought there came finally a sci-fi show that returned to the roots of the genre: super spacecraft, superguns, superaliens. While there's definitely a great room for development, I must say I start liking the show.

    We had very few Irisa moments in the second episode, but it was clearly the case of less being actually more. At least there's food for speculations about her past.

    When I was a child reading Tolkien's Valaquenta and Silmarillion for the first time, after Beren and Luthien's story I loved the mythology part most. It seems like our pale-faced new citizens, who, by the way, very much resemble Elves, do have their own mythology, their own pantheon and written and unwritten laws. This gives a very good potential for a few spicy scenes of culture clash, just like the ones we've already seen. They kept my attention for the whole duration of the episode.

    Some reviewer mentioned Spartacus flashbacks after the Jaime Murray spa scene. It may very well be the case, and it may be already obvious, just into the second episode, who's wearing the pants in the Tarr mansion. A scheming bitch with a smooth tongue, Stahma is the proverbial woman who stands behind the successful man, and she got plenty of screen time to prove it already.

    Overall, there's a feeble status quo in Defiance, and that's what gives the creators plenty of chance for development and creativity. I hope they won't mess up this show, it would be a shame. We've seen fantastic shows die an untimely death and I wouldn't like this one end up the same way.


    - Stahma

    - Irisa

    - Nina's secret agenda

    - potential in alien characters

    - few sharp one-liners, especially in the pilot


    - bad CGI

    - Nolan's character

    - some really horrible dialogues

    Let's see what Ep3 brings, shall we?