Season 1 Episode 12

Everything is Broken

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jul 08, 2013 on Syfy
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While Defiance citizens cast their votes for mayor, Irisa must decide whether to accept her destiny and Nolan faces his past.

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  • Loved the cliff hanger

    Loved the cliff hanger, is Kenya dead or did Stahma secretly save her? What will happen to the Tarrs, will they be tried for murder? exciting finale! I'm not too bothered about the Irisa and the mines storyline though.
  • Just wowed by this

    Who would have expected the writers could turn this thing around like this, it's pretty damn amazing! You know it is one thing, watching someone that is just excellent right from the start and being surprised by another you hadn't much hope left for and astonishes unexpectedly on the last 100 meters. It is magic happening right before your eyes, you gotta love and root for it - and even more so when we are talking about story.

    Forget the what of what's happened in these past two episodes, one must agree this was some pretty great storyTELLING.moreless
  • Awesome!

    It looks like Datak's bad habit of killing people might have finally caught up to him. That temper, lol! Kenya has to survive, no choice but to be saved in the first eposide of next season.
  • Spectacular!

    This was a brilliant season finale to season one as major events come to a head, namely in the mayoral race, as a new mayor is announced, resulting in the Earth Republic to come get involved.

    Interesting developments with Irisa as well, not to mention what happened to Joshua Nolan. It was very interesting to follow and quite suspenseful.

    No telling what's going to happen next! I sure hope Kenya is all right... The ending was brilliant, and I can't wait for season two!moreless
  • Defiance.

    So election day is here and surprise Datak Tarr is the the Mayor of Defiance even though anyone could see the election was rigged with the help of The Earth Republic. As for Datak and Stahma one could only hope their being taken and held as prisoners considering Datak did kill Colonel Marsh. As for Stahma i hope Kenya is still alive because she cant die (Unless She Wants Out Of The Show). As Yewll said to Jonah / Black Jonah and Marsh (There Is Two Artifacts Inside Irisa and Both Are Active) so all this time the visions that Irisa was having are all connected. At least Yewll did something good when she said to Irisa (Whatever You Did To Me In My Office, Do It Again) and Irisa did. So Irisa goes deep into the mines and meets up with Irzu, so Irisa wants Nolan alive (So Do I). Devouring Mother or Destroyer and each stone is a weapon and she choose Nolan and Earth Republic has taken control of Defiance. I hope the main stars of this show come back for season - 2. Fantastic Season Finale. Thumbs Up SyFy.moreless
Barry Flatman

Barry Flatman

Colonel Galen Marsh

Guest Star

Perry Mucci

Perry Mucci


Guest Star

Matthew Lemche

Matthew Lemche

Jonah Keller

Guest Star

Dewshane Williams

Dewshane Williams

Tommy LaSalle

Recurring Role

Trenna Keating

Trenna Keating

Meh Yewll

Recurring Role

Jesse Rath

Jesse Rath

Alak Tarr

Recurring Role

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    • Datak: (to his wife) I know you betrayed me. I should open your guts right here in front of these good people. But a vote is a vote.

    • Jonah Keller: Doctor, allow me to properly introduce myself. I'm special consultant Jonah Keller. Informally known as "Black Jonah." Perhaps you've heard of me. I'm a professional interrogator, and I enjoy my work to an arguably indecent degree.

    • Irisa: While he's distracted, climb the ridge and get clear.
      Nolan: One rule: we live or die together.
      Irisa: You're an idiot.
      Nolan: I'm the idiot.

    • Jonah Keller: If you're playing us, I will scalp that golf ball head of yours and wear it for a hat.
      Yewll: What's a golf ball?

    • Jonah Keller: Getting soft in your old age, Doc? Word is you used to dissect humans while they were alive and kicking.
      Yewll: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I was a monster. I regret my past and I'm trying to do better. You should be taking notes.

    • Rafe: You're determined to get me shot, ain't ya?
      Nolan: Yeah, it's a lifelong ambition of mine.

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