Season 1 Episode 7

Good Bye Blue Sky

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jun 03, 2013 on Syfy
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Irisa has a vision that a Razor Rain storm is coming toward Defiance. While Nolan warns the townspeople, Sukar is seemingly killed... and then comes back to life and asks Irisa to help him on a holy mission. Meanwhile, Nicky tries to find out what happened to Birch, and Stahma asks Kenya for assistance teaching Alak how to pleasure his bride-to-be.


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  • Funny moment

    I think it was in this episode, when the miner dad told his son, "I'm proud of you" for killing a guy and throwing him down a mine shaft. Just kind of incongruous, to tell a person you're proud of him for killing a person and covering it up.
  • this is what we gave up Alphas for

    I'm done. pointless smut, mediocre story lines. it's just not interesting enough. Lesbians?! I'm done!

    We need longer seasons of Being Human and Warehouse 13. BRing back Alphas!! stupid syfy
  • Good but with a couple of criticisms.

    This was a pretty good episode with some interesting events, but what I didn't enjoy so much was the randomly nonsensical storyline between Kenya and Stahma. It didn't fit in anywhere and it was plainly pointless.

    Maybe it will tie in somewhere in future, but right now I can't see it.

    There were some decent evetsn with Irisa and Joshua, but Irisa's character seems a bit distant at times. I don't know, that's just the impression I get.

    Hopefully the show will continue ot improve but this was a slight step back for me, even though there were some really interesting events throughout.moreless
  • Good Bye Blue Sky

    Good Bye Blue Sky was an intriguing and very entertaining episode of Defiance. It was great to see a change of focus along with more character depth and development. Irisa has a vision about Sukar leading to a dramatic series of events. I liked the writting, the acting and the special effects. There was a lot going on to set up future episodes and I look forward to seeing what happens next!!!!!!!!!

  • Ugh...

    Just when I thought the show couldn't get any more mediocre, they decided to go full perv with Kenya and Stamha. So long, Defiance; smut is no compensation for lack of story or writing.
Noah Danby

Noah Danby


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Wesley French

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Dion Johnstone


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Dewshane Williams

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Trenna Keating

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Justin Rain

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    • Christie: I had a weird conversation with your mom yesterday. She was talking about a bathing ritual.
      Alak: Oh... that.
      Christie: She said it was a ceremony for newlyweds.
      Alak: It's just some stupid old custom from the homeworld.
      Christie: The whole family together in a bathtub?
      Alak: It's something the higher liros still do. Look, I--I know it probably sounds bizarre...
      Christie: We're all supposed to be naked?
      Alak: No! Not really. The women wear these beads.

    • Nolan: Ah, it's getting nasty out there. Just finished rain-proofing the school roof. The principal was so grateful she kissed me on the lips. At least I hope it was a "she." You can't tell the difference with those Liberata.

    • Stahma: I want Alak educated with regard to the eccentricities of the female human libido. Making love to one of you is enormously complicated.
      Kenya: We're really not complex.
      Stahma: What about this "g-spot"? It's one of your major erogenous zones, yet it took your own scientists centuries to confirm that it even existed.

    • Rafe: That's quite a set of balls you got there, Nicolette.
      Nicky: Coming from you, now, that is a compliment.

    • Nolan: You sure it was Sukar? The Spirit Riders told me he was dead.
      Yewll: Well, for a dead guy, he kicked the crap out of me pretty good.

    • Kenya: Could you imagine if... Datak could see us right now?
      Stahma: Kenya, listen to me very carefully. If my husband ever found out that we've been together, he'd kill us both without hesitation or mercy.
      Kenya: It's his loss. I would've given him the two-for-one deal.

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