Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 15, 2013 on Syfy

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  • Good human

    Well i love that series already, the first episode in french but was ashamed to see when i came for episode two that i missed half of the first one :D
  • A little too fairy-tale like

    I have to admit it started quite strong with fight scenes and even an erotic one (plus a brothel), but the show atmosphere resembled that of "The Falling Skies" and even "Terra Nova" too much to my taste. What I mean I couldn't feel any anxiety. Not for a moment was I afraid that something bad might happen to the main characters. By the way, great casting.

    I am afraid to make this analogy, but "Defiance" feels like "The Firm" to me. Everything great: the script, the actors, the settings, but the outcome quite uninteresting.

    It was just a pilot so I do hope that "Defiance" will develop into a nail-biting show and engrossing story.
  • Defiance: 'Super-Blend' of cinema genres, Precision Writing, and social perspective

    Okay - I just watched the Pilot online on a Sunday afternoon. The SSE: "Small Screen Experience"..

    I'll try to be frank about my being impressed by the show.

    I'm not a cinema/media/spec. like the above.

    DIFIANCE has brought the Science Fiction experience to Classic Drama. Of course, "Gunsmoke" was my first association when the Marshall dinged Miss Kitty.

    But then, let's add "Romeo and Juliet", or maybe "Hamlet"

    Throw in the Goths, the Geo-politicians, Old X-Box graphics, multi-Aliens some of whom believe in God, Native American mojo ( All the cast are "Mid-Americans' whose society has taken an asswhipping ),

    But then, let's add Democracy/Civics and some positive NonMessaging and social thuths ( not CandyLand truths)....

    The Aliens aren't so alien. They all move like us.

    So, I forgive the stunning Steriotypes of the show.

    Seriously, "Defiance" is can of worms when they develop the 'characters'. Its all good.

    These steotypes are good ole USA. The purposeof SciFi characters is engage with our predictions and pre-judging of what a character can/will do... And then the writers can take us to another perspective. I think they gently achieved that several times, amidst the scmaltze and puppy stuff.

    BTW> I think WOMEN will engage with the characters.

    So, if you're a young dweeb you may consider that > Maybe you should invite that girl you have an

    eye on, to come over and watch and think with you.

    BTW> I think this is the kind of video that 'Pre-Contact' aliens would like you to see. Seriously.

    Thanks for your ear.

  • Defiantly Original

    The first thing I loved about Defiance was the length of the series premiere. With it's 1 hour and 20 minute runtime, it gave viewers ALOT more time to enjoy it and decide if they wanted to continue with it. Another thing I loved was the originality. We're given races we haven't seen before, characters we haven't seen before, enemies we haven't seen before in a setting we haven't seen before. We haven't seen such a promising premiere from SyFy in a while (not counting spin-offs). I haven't watched an original SyFy series premiere as good as Defiance. It was definitely enough to bring me back next week. The premiere presents you with both likeable and extremely hateable episodes, and ends letting you know exactly what the series will be about and who's who of Defiance. The only reason it's escaped a 10 from me is the CGI. I understand that shows aren't going to be funded heavily when they first styart, but there were moments in Defiance that made me think 'Meh, that could've been better'.

    All in all, I give the episode a 9. Highly enjoyable, I'd definitely suggest it to any action/sci-fi fan, looking forward to the next episode!
  • Great start!

    I wasn't sure I'd like this show when I watched it, but I'm sure glad I decided to tune in! There were many things to love about the storyline and most of the characters were quite interesting too. A lot of things happened and the storyline developed far more than I was expecting for the pilot. I really liked the mayor, and also Nolan, since Grant Bowler was a big reason why I chose to watch.

    Very promising start and I look forward to the next episode!
  • Promising start.

    Seems very promising, but i bet it gets canceled like all other good shows always do.
  • Defiance was captivating!

    The Pilot episode of Defiance was exceptional! The story started out with a cult classic feel that has a wide appeal. It was awesome to get glimpses of the initial day of contact. The characters were diverse yet familiar. There are definitely similarities to other shows or movies. Some how this series manages to make me feel like I'm watching all my favorite scifi or fantasy programs. There was lots of action, suspense and intrigue. I am left wanting more and I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!