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  • Not a family show!

    How some of the scenes gets past decency laws I'll never know! When you have basic topless shots, a hooker seducing a husband and a wife condoning it, then SHE sleeps with her and kisses her on screen! Let's not even talk about the family trying to talk their daughter-in-law to be into an incestuous bath time with his family!

    Good grief is NOT family television or even television! This is adult grade soft porn stuff!

    I saw the commercials leading up to the bath scene where the wife was topless, they did the close up of her breasts in EVERY commercial! Yes she's an alien but those are still a woman's bare breasts! And yes in 'OTHER' cultures the family bathes together, although I'm not so sure how much of that really goes on any more. BUT we are in AMERICA! Not another culture! And I agree, if it takes 'sex' to sell your show, it ain't much of a show.

    You are pushing the envelope because you can and until people start complaining you are going to push, well, they ARE COMPLAINING! We KNOW there are laws against this crap!

    If you think I'm a prude, TOO BAD! I AM. I am for the traditional values our country was formed on and I will fight to keep calloused, jaded perves in their place! I have children and grandchildren and they have as much right to decent television as I had.

    For goodness sake, we all know what boobs look like, do we really need them flaunted all over television? Or encouraging prostitution and incest? If you think so, Dr Phil has a chair for you and your sex addiction or porn problem! I guess peeking through key holes or magazines isn't enough any more for perves, they NEED to wallow in it.

    SICK and SAD!
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