Season 1 Episode 10

The Bride Wore Black

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jun 24, 2013 on Syfy
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    Defiance "The Bride Wore Black" Review: The Past Reaches Out

    This week, a skeleton in the walls of the NeedWant illuminated the past of some of Defiance's key characters.

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    The wedding of Alak and Christie is threatened when Rafe realizes what Datak is up to. Meanwhile, a businessman's corpse is discovered in the walls of Need Want and Tommy sets out to find the killer.

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    • Murder mystery whodunnit.

      Intriguing episode featuring a murder mystery whodunnit, another murder, a frame up, a will they or won't they wedding, and then a final murder of the murderer - made to look like a suicide (all for the greater good apparently).
    • Some thoughts about this show

      To me, there are not so many clear cut good guys or bad guys in this show, here are some examples:

      1. Datak has a soft side and can be argued out of things.

      2. The lawkeeper is officially dating a prostitute/madam.

      3. The mine owner, an official pillar of the community, tells his son he's proud of him for killing a man and throwing m down a mine shaft.

      4. The indigen doctor just killed someone and made it look like a suicide motivated by a moral epiphany. Of course, she killed her for the greater good.

    • My favourite so far!

      This was the best episode of Defiance so far with major events transpiring including a wedding, a murder, an old murder, another ikill and much more!

      There was a lot to like about the episode as we got a brief back story on several characters as well, especially the start of Datak and Rafe's complicated relationship. I would like to see more flashback scenes like that, as long as they are revealing in some way and they're used correctly. Nonetheless, it was anice albeit brief backstory.

      The dynamics with teh wedding and all of the different parties in the wedding was great. So many people playing different roles for different agendas, it culminated into a truly breathtaking conclusion to the episode!

      I can't wait for the next episode now! This is definitely the best of Defiance so far!moreless
    • sugar2

      if U want to find out back story on this show Wikipedia has a really good back story.. It helped a lot to find out what happened during the war plus what happened to the earth and the Ark fall and what all the aliens are from etc... anyways just a thought if any are confused still ..
    • Defiance.

      So the night before the wedding Alak and his friends are celebrating at the Need Want, when Alak has a fight with one of his friends they discover a dead human corpse. The dead human remains happen to belong to Hunter Bell, an unsavoury character to say the least and this is when the story gets very interesting. This was 7 years ago and at the time Kenya was married to Hunter, so of course she as well as Amanda, Rafe and Datak were all suspects. Tommy and Irisa find a whisker that belongs to Jered who worked at the Need Want when they go to his residence Irisa breaks in and they both discover that Jered has been murdered. Datak happens to be the number one suspect (As You Find Out 7 Years Ago Datak Was Even Worse Back Then) but he didn't do it. (This Is The Part I Love), enter Nicky Riordon who has an appointment with Dr Meh Yewll, thinking Yewll wants to be her partner again. The truth really comes out now, 7 years ago it was Nicky Riordon who murdered Hunter Bell, all because Shock Horror Hunter Bell found out that Nicky is not even human. She is a Indogene and Jered happen to witness the murder of Bell, so Nicky took it upon herself to tie up loose ends and murder's Jered present time and try to pin the whole thing on Datak. This episode goes back to episode - 8, where Yewll surgically altered their own people to pass of as human. Yes Yewll did the same with Nicky to appear human and Hunter was willing to tell unless Nicky and Yewll was going to pay $100 grand to keep the secret safe. Of course we know what happened to Bell, It was Nicky who actually murdered him (Yewll Didn't Want To Kill Him, Yewll Was Quite Shocked When She Knew What Lengths Nicky Would Go Through To Keep Her Secrets). What Meh Yewll did with Nicky was only for the Greater Good Of Defiance, She Said She Didn't Trust Nicky With A Genocidal Weapon And I Think So Far Yewll Has Changed But Anything Can Happen, But For The Time Being I Do Trust Yewll. The suicide note at the end written by Yewll was a Great Touch for Nicky to say finally the truth that she confessed to the murderer's of Hunter Bell and Jered. Whether Tommy and Nolan believe that note we have to wait and see. So Yewll has the Golden Knot, i hope safely put away ( For People Who Are Playing The Game And I Said I Wanted Nicky Dead. This Episode She Was Murdered, But For A Good Cause,, I Give You Props). Yes the Wedding was Beautiful and i really want Tommy and Irisa to become a couple. Thumbs Up, Fantastic Episode.moreless
    Peter MacNeill

    Peter MacNeill

    Clancy Garrett

    Guest Star

    Brittany Allen

    Brittany Allen


    Guest Star

    Brendan McCarthy (III)

    Brendan McCarthy (III)

    Hunter Bell

    Guest Star

    Jessica Nichols

    Jessica Nichols


    Recurring Role

    Kevin Shand (II)

    Kevin Shand (II)


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    Dewshane Williams

    Dewshane Williams

    Tommy LaSalle

    Recurring Role

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      • Tommy: You're gonna be my date.
        Irisa: I don't date.
        Tommy: Why not?
        Irisa: I'm from the Badlands.
        Tommy: You see, when I first came to Defiance, I was nothing but a card hustler. Couldn't read or write, never thought I'd amount to anything. Now I'm wearing a badge. People change.
        Irisa: You're an idiot.
        Tommy: (smiling) So are you.

      • Datak: You humans believe you're so superior. The truth is you're primitives. Your minds are dull, your hands are clumsy. The scent of your pink skin sickens me.
        Rafe: Does this skin look pink to you?
        Datak: You all look the same.

      • Stahma: Alak is of this new world. He doesn't see the humans the way we do. He sees beauty in them. Kindness.
        Datak: Then he's lost the sense of smell. Maybe you have too.

      • Yewll: You know, I've changed too. I've become a healer instead of a destroyer. And that's why I'm so sorry for what I have to do. But it's for the greater good.

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      • International Airdates:
        Canada: June 24, 2013 on Showcase
        UK: June 25, 2013 on SyFy
        Australia: June 27, 2013 on SCI FI
        Sweden: November 15, 2013 on TV6

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