Season 1 Episode 5

The Serpent's Egg

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 13, 2013 on Syfy
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    Defiance "The Serpent's Egg" Review: Hatching Threats

    Defiance expanded its plot horizons just a bit this week in an episode that, while average on its own, may mark a transition for the show's first season.

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    While Irisa meets a face out of her past, Nolan and Amanda take a trip to deliver scrip for the new maglev branch, only to have their land coach stopped by jackers.

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    • jumps the shark so early

      This episode pretty much ruined the show for me. Not only do we establish a love interest so early (Amanda and Nolan), but Irisa gets her 'primal' on after she performs an emotional bit of torture. And we get to see exactly how Nolan and Irisa came to be together. All in the one episode! It is just so contrived and eye-rolling. It completely wasted a build up for all of these characters and just dives right in as though the show is ending. Good shows know how to string these aspects along a little better, or at the least tip-toe around them with smart dialogue. This show is doing none of that.

      The other problem with the show is that there are just not that many likable characters outside the three main ones. In fact there are too many main characters. Although that problem in itself could be a rectified if they learn how to get rid of them. The episodes also seem to leap frog over each other, so the main thread from one episode is dropped for the next and so on. This type of story flow makes you check you are watching the correct episode and that is a bad problem for a weekly serial.

      There is some potential for this show, the back story and the setting are the major interests. That underground city is amazing! The father and daughter relationship should be the glue holding the show together. But my bet is that it won't use these aspects nearly well enough. I will watch more, but my expectations have plummeted because it is continuously wasting potential.moreless
    • Hey! Hombre!


      "Mister, you got some hard bark walkin' up here like

      Doesn't anybody know (except the plagiarizing writers of this episode) that this entire subplot and even the dialogue are right out of a 1967 Western titled Hombre, starring Paul Newman and Richard Boone?

      When the outlaw gang leader said those words, I about fell out of my chair - because I knew that's what he would say! I mean you steal the whole plot set, might as well put in the exact same dialogue too, right?

      Is this legal?!

      This show just gets hokier and hokier because it just can't find NEW ideas, and offer new points of view. It can't get past using the old music, old plots, old stereotypes that it needs to when trying to offer up a new science fiction series. BOO!moreless
    • Good episode

      Nice to see more than just Defiance. But it seems like everyone is gunning for Defiance, cant theu just work together and rebuild the damn world?
    • Great!

      This was a great episode of Defiance and one of my favourites so far because of the development of Irisa's character and the development of the world beyond Defiance which we get to see more of.

      The storylines were both interesting and great, although a lot of matters and important characters were missing.

      The episode starting and ending with the broadcast from the top of the arch was cool!

      All oout, a great episode and I look forward to more!moreless
    • All aboard the bus line of bad writing

      Everything interesting that could have been built with the compeling background story of the pilot episode is now lost in a festival of cliches, bad quality of writing and increased destruction of logic and common sense.

      There is no logic in that regular bus line that goes through wild lands crowded with lawless multi racial gangs, carrying high dignitaries without a strong escort. This is bad writing.
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