Syfy (ended 2015)




  • Season 1 Episode 5: The Serpent's Egg

  • The tape gag over Daigo's mouth moves repeatedly, from a wide band over his top and bottom lips, to just between his teeth.

  • As Irisa is passing Daigo at the land coach, his hand is in his back pocket. Then, the scene immediately jumps to the conductor handing him his luggage, and both hands are in front of him.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: Down in the Ground Where ...

  • Amanda says that the Town Council decided to allow the "eight races" to honor their traditional values. The Humans are one race, and there are seven Votan races. However, the Volge are hostile to all races, didn't come to Earth in the Arks, and have never interacted socially with Votans or Humans. According to Trion Worlds, the seventh race, the Gulanee, are rare on Earth and not considered a race unto themselves (and not seen or mentioned as of this episode). Officially, the Votanis Collective is an alliance of five races, meaning that Amanda is incorrect even if she includes the Gulanee.

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