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This show takes place in the near future and focuses on the lives of eight astronauts from five different countries on a six-year mission through the solar system. The team is on a mysterious mission that is closely being followed by ground personnel. Each episode is divided between the present mission and flashbacks that show the selection process each astronaut went through to become part of the project.
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  • One of the best shows never finished

    I watched Defying Gravity for the first time a few years back, after it had been canceled, and I was obsessed with it from the first ep to the last... I loved everything about it! Well almost everything... but what I didn't like was actually slowly adjusted in the series (to my amazement), like how Laura Harris' portrayal is adjusted in the flashbacks.

    It was like the series creators read my mind. Everything about this show had me spellbound! From the interpersonal relationships to the mystery of Pod 4. Simply put this series was a GEM!

    Like most really great things in this world it was seriously overlooked and as a result was canceled before it's time. Recently I stumbled onto cliqueclack dot com where detail of how the series would have gone had the Network brass had any brass and kept it going.

    How Defying Gravity would have progressed, straight from the creator: cliqueclack. com/tv/2009/10/29/how-defying-gravity-would-have-progressed-straight-from-the-creator

    This sounded amazing... I was really sad to not have had the opportunity to have seen this but series creator James Parriott was still a little optimistic on the final fate of the series at this point. Sadly that optimism would run out where DF was concerned and eventually he did pass on the full story.

    How Defying Gravity would have ended: the final chapter: cliqueclack .com/tv/2010/10/28/how-defying-gravity-would-have-ended-the-final-chapter

    What an ending that would have been... just an amazing series. Clearly, too good for television!moreless
  • Why????

    This show had great potential, Unknown outcomes intriguing expectations, This was like achieving a climax only to stop too soon. The science was solid, the characters were really getting there (their genetic outcome undiscovered), the potential for (How many of these (Orbs)) their influence, and impact not only on the Antares project but mankind.

    Some things are worth taking a loss on, How many people bought the first series, How many are waiting on the second. Will I buy from ABC/iTunes again ? ? ?

    This was entertainment, this stretched imagination, Si Fi is still a minority but still a viable market. Even breakeven and losing markets contribute to the overall success.

    Get a life

    Stick with building the credibility, and entertainment.

  • Best show

    For the past four years I waited in hopes that Defying Gravity would get a fear shake and be put back on air this show gave me a sense of aww and wonder,it force me to think about thing in a way I hadn't . In short I still would love to watch it even if it internet based . network I humbly long with other how wrote or have written your company, this show was taken off air to soon and didn't even get a chance to pull big number's . Defying Gravity had the recessionary tools to make it .Drama , mystery good arc .

    Thank you sincerely Maurice ) I gave 8.5 only because the show left me hang unanswered question's.moreless
  • So good It Sent me into depression when I found out there were no more. Join my facebook 'Get Defying Gravity Back On" site at bottom of this Post. When we get enough people, I will Petition to get the show back on.moreless

    I too late to even KNOWING the show existed, but it was not too late to get myself Hooked. It is really hard to explain my Disappointment in the Show going NO further... I have never felt this way about ANY show being Cancelled...I guess it was the Unique Nature of the Different Planets, the Mystery, and OHHH GOD!! The Technical Accuracy and time that was put into making a truly Believable Near future was not lost on this Individual. Truly felt like i was watching a real Soap Opera in Space.{Soap Opera in a GOOD} I will be Pursuing a Fan Club and I will devour any Spoilers to what Happened to the Crew...AND the Babe turning into a Man that...not so Good..But I would have watched it! PLEASE!! More " DEFYING GRAVITY " Like someone said in one of the many Pleas for more show said." I cannot wait for the BOOK to come out, and I hate to read" in reference to Possibilities of a BOOK. Whatever it takes, we need more. Thanks for the 13 WONDERFULLY Created Episodes...Im in for another Season if you are! ABC...take notice of the growing Anger for your Poor Marketing of a Show that I Guarantee will get a 5 share to start...and Better Rating as the Target Audience Now KNOWS about this great show.

    In Conclusion, Someone Dropped the is NOT too late to fix it. need Quality..this is it. Make this your Simpsons, and allow us to grow with these Awesomely Flawed Astronauts and their Mysterious and Limitless Plot/Story Line.

    Please OH Please Give the show another shot. If what I read is correct , there are many more People like me that Never knew it was ON! Poor Management of a Jewel of a show. Superb!

    I have recently created a Get Defying gravity Back on Facebook page. It is my Hope that I can get enough of you like the page and get a Petition to get our show back on.

    ----------------------------------------------------Matthew Wade Darseymoreless
  • not really believable, good ideas but really miss some deep analysis

    I hope this show will develop better than this 3 episodes.

    Characters are weak, meaning:

    I can't really imagine real life cosmonauts being so, Normal, inexperienced, personal feelings, moody, etc....

    Ted the captain is doing he's crisis, putting everything in danger...

    From mission control, they put together a 6 year mission, with a secret cargo in the pod 4 with out telling anyone about, that can cause fear or else, see capt.Ted. disoriented after tripping out about mars...He could be prevented to understand things differently.

    Generally for the size of the mission, there are to many personal things going on...That is absolutely unacceptable in such situation, every error, misjudgment, can provoke accidents, and to better control things, a professional know how to separate personal feelings from responsibilities.

    So ... For me, characters are a little bit childish, not believable.

    Lack of special effects and technical part of the story: To be in space, it really feels like they act on Earth, so much gravity they walk normally, they to fitness normally, the do all things like on earth gravity, ...

    You can say that they have they Nanotechnology-SUITES or anti-gravitational Nanotechnology tissue, but still would be nice, to see floating pen's floating everything that is not in Nanotechnology-suites, that would make the Nanotechnology-material anti-gravity thing more believable.

    Life on earth, mission control, did not look like 2050 or something close to that.

    Flash-backs LOST style, are uninteresting.

    Would me more appropriate to see why human kind push space exploration so much, wild life on earth on brink of extinction, over pollution, over population, water problems, energy problems... etc..etc.. Show us something more interesting than people going in a bar drinking beers and looking lap dancers. Space exploration is not funny, it is unknown it is serious, it can be scary to be out there completely detached from our Earth. (you get the feeling when you do deep dives) I look forward to this series, and hope will develop better in time.moreless

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