Defying Gravity

Season 1 Episode 10

Deja Vu

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Unknown on ABC
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On Election Day, the crew aboard the Antares is still processing the news about the true nature of their mission.

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  • Deja vu..

    So.. it is about Mars again.. it is about everyone's personals troubles and tries to come terms with them.. and most of all.. it starts to get it's own life again.. the thing on board.

    I really loved the whole Jen storyline. The way she is special by not seeing it and that she is taking as she is.. that talk with Zoe on the lab.. That was quite great.

    Also the whole way Mars is haunting it all.. and now when Paula is not landing.. it is Zoe vs Donner and from that on.. you can only guess how it goes. And some interesting developments on ground too.moreless
  • Each member of the crew struggles with their individual doubts and realities about the mission. Jen still can't see or hear Beta. Paula has her own version of what Beta really is. Donner is worried they are making the same mistakes all over again.moreless

    A very emotion filled episode where the crew of the Antares and to a lesser extent the ground crew is now under an extreme amount of pressure. Each member of the team seems to have reacted differently to the revealing of Beta.

    Donner is worried about a repeat of the Mars landing so he is bound and determined to be on Venus with Zoe. Zoe is very positive about everything, but doesn't really understand Donner's phobia's as she has never been through this before. Jen is the one who is really worried that she doesn't belong. She can't see or hear Beta and feels she might be the sacrificial lamb of the crew. Paula believes that Beta is God or is from God until at the last moment she fails the lander simulation and all of a sudden Beta is Satan! Wass is just Wass and he is trying to figure out what Beta is. He helps Nadia come to terms with what she feels are tremendous betrayals by those in the know. Evram seems just busy trying to keep track of everyone else and finally Ted has really just decided to go with the flow.

    On the ground the biggest fear is who will crack first and report this information to a reporter. One of the ground crew is starting to doubt himself and Trevor is playing on that uncertainty. As Eve says to Mike it's not if it's who will crack first. They know it's coming.

    Another wonderful episode of Defying Gravity. I am glad I am getting to see these few extra episodes. A very cerebral show with so many thought provoking storylines. The acting from Livingston, to Cox, to Crane, to all of the cast is fantastic. I'm looking forward to the next episode. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • In this episode we see more of Sharon and Walker, and more is revealed regarding the true plan of Beta, and where the mission is headed.

    This episode shines insofar as the series was originally designed, as a drama. Some reviewers are somewhat disappointed as this episode (aired only Canada, on Space) doesn't move the series much further along. This is not a surprise, as the series was not designed to be a rocket-ship of storytelling (pun intended). Unfortunately, as continuing viewers already know, there are only 4 or so more episodes before the series is kaput. This, I believe is motivating many to hope for some semblance of resolution before the series is over. This will not happen however, as we have to remember these episodes finished wrapping months ago. No, I believe this beautiful series was designed to be appreciated for it's artistry (if not always it's acting) and provide a nice weekly escape. Compared to the space cowboy show we usually see (Star Trek, Fire-Fly) this was something different. Okay, so there was a lot of sexual emphasis in earlier episodes (where many complained but kept watching) which has somewhat now abated. Now, however, some would argue the series is not moving fast enough!

    My advice: appreciate the show for what it is, a nice ethereal drama even the producers probably didn't know the end of. Take appreciation in the fact you don't know the outcome, it will be a fun ride, and in the end you'll be left wanting more. The Deja Vu episode is a great one, and I'm only sorry that soon the entirety of this escape will be finished.moreless
  • Donner struggles with the past(Mars mission)and his feelings for Zoe.Paula does a 180° change of mind towards Beta and Wassenfelder is hiding his own research of Beta from Earth.Crane is frustrated and afraid for not being able to see or hear Beta.moreless

    Great episode, some emotionally intense moments, some plot twists (which were evident at the beginning of the episode) but no action. We now know the crew's feelings about "beta" but still know nothing about the object itself. Donner finally faces his past and can hopefully move on, which will leave space for character growth and possible renewed romance with Zoe. Back on Earth however tings are starting to heat up with journalists poking their noses where they shouldn't. Furthermore the ending cuts of with a cliffhanger when Rowley crashes into a biker and kills her. All in all good, strong episode with some new information and omens of things to come.moreless
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