Defying Gravity

Season 1 Episode 9

Eve Ate the Apple

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Unknown on ABC
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Finally, the crew learns about the hidden element in Pod 4 and the true nature of their mission when the Antares draws nearer to Venus.

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  • Truth

    So.. this is nice story-telling episode by Eve where we learn what the Beta is.. what the real mission is and all those lies and things that have been hidden from them. I think even thought quite much was revealed, there is still much left.. First of all the Mars mission. I am sure it comes back hunting.. and then there is Jen who seems to not have the hallucinations like others..

    And the way this episode started to make everything coming together.. making sense and clarifying quite a many things. So.. eager to see what comes next.. as the serie is getting it's motionmoreless
  • The crew begins to learn the true nature of their mission. Eve informs the mission crew and ground crew of her first contact experience with the Beta object. We learn why it is called Beta and not Alpha. Jen can't see Beta at all for some reason.moreless

    What a wonderful episode and even more than I expected from the ABC canceled program. This show was well written, superbly acted, and even though it has taken nine episodes to get there, has a great story arc laid out.

    ***** Major Spoilers *****

    Both Wass and Jen had no hallucinations. It seems Wass can see Beta though as he identified it as being of a fractal based construction. Only Jen cannot see Beta. For her it seems to not exist. This has to be terrifying and troubling to her on so many levels. Especially as all eight of them have been chosen for this mission by Beta. Nadia seems to have the strangest reaction to all of this in that it just seems to make her angry.

    After the Jen piece I think the most surprising revelation is that Goss and the rest of the Mars crew except for Ted and Donner knew about Alpha and now Ted and Donner are going to return to the same site. This definitely links the prior Mars Mission to the Antares Mission.

    We learn Beta is called Beta because it was the second signal picked up after Alpha spoke to it from Mars. So that clears up that. It seems there are eight objects all together clearing up the reason for the seven specific sites that are to be visited.

    It seems the ground crew is to play a very important part long term as well.

    Overall this has become a brilliant yet complicated storyline with so many wonderful possibilities. I really hope for the sake of the American public that this makes it back to the airways in the US. I believe this would be perfect for NBC Universals Syfy or USA Networks. A great cast, production values that shine, and writing that is both sublime yet exciting. Very well done. The best is yet to come. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • About time...

    We finally get an explanation of what the hell is that "Beta" thing.. was about time too.. it was getting really annoying this whole Grey's Anatomy in space with no tips and watching it clueless for 8 episodes..

    Thw whole episode revolves around the beta object. Its goal and the mystery of Antares' real mission.

    It's all about guilt and for some reason Jen can't see beta. I feel a little bit relieved now but still, there's a lot of stuff that needs explaining.. guess we'll have to stay tune up to find out.

    I'm not sure how many episodes are left but I'll probably see them all..

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Patrick Gilmore


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