Defying Gravity

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 06, 2009 on ABC
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While Goss is working on a plan to promote the mission in front of the eyes of the whole world, the Antares crew suffers from hallucinations that could interfere with his plan.

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  • The crew's hallucinations are causing issues for the mission.

    Halloween has arrived and we watch the flirty banter between Jen and Rollie via tv. Paula is healing even though Claire is monitoring her. Today is the 'Big Day' where the crew are going to perform a commercial for sweets/chocolate in space. Ted tells Paula she can't do the commercial and can do the podcast instead. Nadia calls it prostitution but Wassenfelder reminds them that Mir received funding from commercials. Meanwhile Donner's voiceover talks about weaknesses, mental and physical. "Limping antelope don't go into space, they stay on Earth where they're killed or eaten."

    In flashback Zoe thinks she's a freak following her operation and that everyone is looking at her like a wounded pet. Jen tells her its admiration, after a hysterectomy she's up and about already. Donner asks if she's ok and Zoe insists she's fine. Jen starts talking about the Halloween party and how she'll go as either a pirate wench or a vampire slut but something with fishnets because all men like fishnets. Ajay comes up to their table and tries to say something but Zoe attacks him, shouting that she's fine. Who unleashed the dragon? Meanwhile Eve watches from upstairs. She re-enters the room with the armchair and explains she has a high temperature and thinks 'Beta' wants to communicate. She opens the doors and sees a vision of Ted. In current time she explains to Ted about the pulses and that if he feels feverish he will have stronger visions. He mentions Donner seemed to be experiencing something and Eve says that astronauts hide things. He replies that it's not just astronauts and she warns him to keep an eye on the others. Just then their kid comes in, he's supposed to go trick or treating but is afraid. Ted tells them that where he is going is dark too but he just thinks of all the sweets he'll have afterwards. Cute moment.

    Jen is complaining about highly trained astronauts going outside the ship to trick or treat in space for 10 billion dollars. If something goes wrong they get to die on tv. Donner admits he is a media whore and can't wait to go outside and Ted reminds them all that the commercials pay for the gravy, i.e. all the extra scientific experiments, etc. Just then Donner has another hallucination of the capsule covered in Mars dust. Wassenfelder complains that it's his favourite holiday, he's on a spaceship and no one will dress up. Nadia retorts that they are millions of miles from home in a tin can and that dressing up as wenches is not really appealing. W starts to activate the camera when Nadia suddenly looks horrified as she has a hallucination of a man in a jumpsuit and asks "Who are you?" W looks at her oddly as she rushes from the room. In flashback Ted is wearing a pair of Spock ears and getting ready for the party when Eve appears behind him and compliments him on his outfit. (This is the outfit that their son has on 5 years later). Ted tells her he heard she was mysterious, influential and good looking. He also heard she's involved in training and crew selection. Eve confirms this and says she wants to talk to him. He suggests the next day after work but she says now and says it's about Mars. Meanwhile Jen tries to persuade Zoe to go to the Halloween party. They meet Donner and Nadia on the path. He's dressed as the baseball player who he was named after and Nadia is a baseball cheerleader ("She's German." Donner explains). Nadia claims Zoe must be very weak after her ordeal and should rest. Zoe goes home incensed and after crying a bit rings Jen and says she'll be there in 20 minutes.

    In current time Zoe is still hearing a baby crying and Donner asks her what's wrong. She changes the conversations and wipes her forehead. On Earth Claire comments that Zoe's temp is spiking along with Ted, Paula, Evram and Donner. Eve comments that her temp is high too and then she has a hallucination of 3 little children in the rain, dirty and looking as if they were in a fire. Nadia continues to see the strange man in the halls of the ship. Goss, Claire and Eve discuss the effects 'Beta' is having on the crew. Eve explains that usually 'Beta' crescendos and recedes and right now it is getting louder. Goss asks why and Eve replies that the planned commercial going out live worldwide isn't a coincidence and that they cannot hide 'Beta' if it wants to be revealed. Eve asks if they have an alternative and Goss says just one. We next see a meeting where Goss and Claire are informing the group that the HALOs are contaminated and acting as psychotropics causing hallucinations. Goss says he can't endanger the crew's safety and is cancelling the commercial. The crew are told about the HALOs and given medicine to counteract the effects. The girls argue that they want the commercial as they need the extra funding. On Earth the commercial guys remind Goss that it is an international event and that they would want their expenses paid along with taking back the 10 billion. Goss back-peddles and offers next year but they're not interested. One suit decides it should be put to the crew who vote to go ahead. Eve has another hallucination of the 3 kids but then her son distracts her.

    In flashback Jen arrives at Zoe's place as another alien, possibly the girlfriend of Ted's character. Zoe has decided to go as a pregnant astronaut much to people's shock. It was sweet to see Claire and Evram playing doctors in the corner and giving their diagnosis on Zoe. In current time the commercial is kicking off. Nadia looks very hot and uncomfortable. Paula starts her podcast but stops as she hears a dog whining and then runs off after a hallucination of her dog. Ted, Donner, Zoe and Jen all tether up and Donner comments that they are all sweating like mad. Goss and Eve look worried. Evram chases Paula who is crying over her dead dog. He tries to tell her there's nothing there but when she turns around she is his hallucination of the little girl from the collapsed building. Donner sees red footprints in Mars dust and Zoe hears the baby crying. Jen tells them to get going and they open the hatch. Ted goes to leave but sees his vision from the 'Beta' storage pod. In flashback Eve is talking to Ted about Mars. Ted asks her if she ever felt responsible for losing someone and she says yes, all the time. Ted tells her about the storm on Mars, how the others were collecting samples and how their Rover broke down so they had to walk. Ted explains that even if you plan for everything contingencies don't work. At the party Ajay, Zoe, W and Jen are doing shots. Even though Donner is dancing with Nadia he worries about Zoe and if she should be drinking. Nadia gets annoyed and tells him Zoe can look after herself. Jen is annoyed as Ted isn't answering his phone. Some old guy at the bar offers Zoe a shot which she drinks and hits the floor with him. Jen is on her own and Rollie makes a move. In current time the commercial guys want to know what's happening. Ted keeps seeing Mars, Zoe hears the baby and their temperatures are very high. Eve asks Evram to check on them but he and Paula can't move with their hallucinations. Donner tries to talk to Ted but he keeps seeing the Mars mission. In flashback Ted says he and Donner thought Sharon and the other crew member could make it but Goss ordered them to take off. Eve tells Ted she used her clearance to check all the details and that he and Donner weren't to blame. Physically the others were never going to make it. Zoe is dancing wildly with the old guy and Donner is worried. He follows her to the bar warns her about the old guy and she replies that he will never understand what she gave up to be on the programme. She pulls out the padding from her tummy and then starts getting sick. Jen takes her to the bathroom and tells Donner to stay out of it while Ajay waits outside the door. In current time the crew continue having hallucinations and cannot move even with Jen pleading. She tells Donner they have to go but he sees Sharon instead of her. The commercial guy tells Nadia he needs to see the banner but she is fixated on the mystery man. Eve is also being affected on Earth. Donner realises that they can't do the commercial and aborts it. It is interesting that only Jen and W had no hallucinations. Is 'Beta' not interested in them or do they have no guilty secrets? Back on the ship Evram examines them all and Ted apologises. Donner is still hallucinating Mars dust on his helmet and Nadia still sees the mystery man but both lie and say they are fine. The commercial guys are threatening legal action, but for once Goss stand up for the crew and says Donner made the right choice. Claire confirms their medical status is better but Eve says that it could happen again. Goss asks if Eve's kid is going trick and treating but he replies that his Dad didn't.

    Donner's voiceover says that being vulnerable leads to being dinner in a Darwinian world and the dangers of not knowing your own limits. In flashback we see Zoe in bed and Ajay says that what he wanted to say at lunch was that she made the right decision and that she shouldn't look back or regret it as her path lies in space. In current time Ted is chatting to Eve and admitting that their son learned fear from him. Eve says Ted is the bravest man she knows. As they tidy up Zoe thanks Donner for cancelling the commercial and for saving them and that she's glad he's up there with her in space even if she doesn't show it. He says he's glad she's there too. Then she tells him about her dream, swearing him to secrecy. She dreams she's pregnant in space, floating in an airlock and she looks out. The Donner cuts across her and finishes her dream, that she sees him outside and there's a bright light. Donner says he's been having this dream for months. Zoe looks horrified that they are sharing a dream and says that it has nothing to do with the HALOs. Donner agrees. This was a slightly disappointing episode as it didn't really use the title 'Fear' as well as it could have and really just focussed on the problems their hallucinations were causing, rather than the terror that being all alone in space can make you feel.moreless
  • I feel confused...

    Ok.. this episode left me lost and confused. The story itself was not very catching and the main point in space did not caught me into the action, but on the other storyline in Earth was little bit better.

    It was in overall just one of those Halloween episodes. Even thought I have watched much sci-fi, I do not remember I had seen any of that episodes in sci-fi. So, the idea itself was refreshing, having something so "normal" in sci-fi.. but I think there is reason why those Halloween episodes do not make to sci-fi very often. I just thought it was quite a filler episode on the overall story development, until the end, when Donner and Zoe tell about their dreams and realize they have had the same one.

    But on the Earth, the whole thing with flashbacks.. it was quite good. I really liked the way Zoe dealt with her health and Ajay in the end, telling his lines.. it was good.moreless
  • I'm starting to get the feeling I'm watching "Lost" only this time they are in space.

    So, does anyone else get that deja vu feeling while watching this show? Don't get me wrong, I really am enjoying the show so far. I love the futuristic setting and the technology explained aspect to the show. However, I am starting to get the feeling that I've watched the show before and I am hoping that this "Beta" thing isn't the beginning of another never ending sci-fi mystery that never really seems to get explained by the story. This episode only furthers my feelings about "Beta" being a part of "the others". So when does it get revealed? Venus? or will there be only more mysteries to get us to watch another season? I guess we will have to wait.moreless
  • Halloween is here and the astronauts are suppose to outside and trick or treat for some corporate money. Unfortunately all but a few of the astronauts and some of the ground crew are having hallucinations caused by Beta and no one knows why.moreless

    Since when does a candy bar maker spend eleven billion on an advertisement for a candy bar!

    Why are Steve and Jen not having any hallucinations while everyone else is going crazy? Also only Eve seems affected on the ground.

    Unfortunately all the flash backs are finally getting to me as well. I have read the complaints about watching this show. Not enough current story and more back story than current story. Which is true. I tried to get my wife up to speed and it was very difficult. Plus in this show they rehashed the Mars stuff for about the fiftieth time. The whole Halloween party five years before could have been dropped without any big loss. We know about Donner and Nadia and we understand about Donner and Zoe. No need to hit us over the head.

    If this show is to continue they need to reveal what is going on. Give some semblance of a plot to follow. Clean up the editing.

    I have heard that ABC is going to just drop the show in a few weeks once Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters come back for this fall season. Defying Gravity is a joint venture and has been or is being shot to a certain amount of episodes. Hopefully they'll be able to play them on another cable channel (ABC Family?) or switch networks as those of us in the US can't seen Canadian or British broadcast television. Overall a compelling attractive cast, but this episode went no where and proved nothing. We know "Beta" is in control but without an objective no wonder no one is watching. Unfortunately I am afraid they are going to lose the few of us who are left. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • I'd like to like this show. Really, I would.

    Maybe I'm just an optimist. I think this show has potential. But this episode demonstrated the problem with the whole show in microcosm. It. Just. Doesn't. Go. Anywhere.

    In a way, it reminds me of the much maligned series Invasion. The writers seemed to be expecting a long run and, I guess, wanted things to move slowly--stretch it out. Eventually they got the message that they'd better pick up the pace and have something happen, but by then it was too late. Hey, if I want to watch moss grow, I can do that without television.

    Here we had a Halloween episode. Halloween in space! Think how cool that could've been. Especially with this hallucination causing "beta". But if the premise was promising a major storm, all we got was a bit of drizzle. An hour of completely uninteresting build-up and then nothing. I want that hour of my life back.

    It certainly could've been more exciting if they'd actually gone through with the commercial while hallucinating. They could have been babbling and shrieking and flying off untethered, to ultimately be rescued. That would have been at least interesting. Instead, we watched the golfer approach the shot ad nauseam only to decide he wasn't really all that into golf to begin with.

    At the very least, this show needs to have something happen. Like now. I believe the run is almost over and they've done nothing. Tell us what the beta is, at least. Or just go away.

    After the Pilot, I was hoping this show could grow into an outer space "Lost." After this episode, they're in danger of becoming an outer space "Viva Laughlin." So far, it's been a pointless waste of everyone's time.moreless
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