Defying Gravity

Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Unknown on ABC
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After the landing on Venus, Zoe's life is at risk when she follows her hallucination.

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  • To the Venus and back..

    So.. this is the end? I hoped for something more but we did get some answers and I think that's great.

    The whole Venus missions went, as expecting, to be another Mars one with a lot of revelations and different outcome.. I just mean.. there was hardly something unexpected. It was nice "textbook" episode.. or not.

    Anyway.. I thought when flashbacks in last episode had great purpose, then here.. they did not.. not so much. But it added great level of dramatization and it did fine.

    The whole thing on Venus.. Jen having her private talk with Zoe.. those things coming up.. the whole atmosphere.. the way they used and showed what went on.. the conspiracy theory.. and there were, for sure, some storylines, to keep it going..moreless
  • Zoe continues after her hallucination. Donner finds out that Zoe aborted their baby and what really occurred the first year of Zoe's time in the program. The crew of the Antares and the ground crew face their faith in many different ways.moreless

    One of the best episodes of television ever! Whomever said this was Grey's Anatomy in space is missing out. Here is a program with rich deep relationships, true tales of human courage, and realizing ones faults and facing them.

    ***** Major Spoilers *****

    One cannot speak about this episode without giving some things away. Zoe pushes herself in a way few could ever imagine in going and getting Gamma from the surface. Donner was going to stay one way or another no matter what happened. The knowledge finally comes to him when Zoe says, "Donner, I have our baby boy." The truth will set you free and the relationship and the deep significant tie between the characters was already there. These two characters, people, actors, what ever you want to call them do an excellent job of portraying true heroes. My major disappointment in all of this is that we will probably never see this through. A series with drama and a true intellectual need for exploration and discovery.

    The acting was superb across the whole cast with Ron Livingston, Laura Harris, and Christina Cox leading the way. There wasn't one poor performance in the bunch.

    Rollie faces his demons and the accident, Paula finally sees the truth about her miracle, Arnel finally has a break against the program and reveals a piece of the truth to Trevor, finally everyone begins to realize that maybe they are being tested and the objects whatever they may be are capable of some amazing things.

    Based on my current information I have not heard of any additional episodes being produced of Defying Gravity. I have to admit that this is the first show since Space: Above and Beyond back in the 90's that I will truly miss. Somehow I hope we will see more of this wonderful cast and their continuing story. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • After Zoe and Donner land on venus Zoe strolls off after her hallucination, and here is how this all ends.Exiting and best episode so far.Absolutely cool.

    After the landing on Venus Zoe strolls of past the point of no return, following her auditory hallucination of a baby, towards Gamma. She has no idea the trouble she is in.Meanwhile Earth and the team are all extremely worried and wondering what Zoe's hearning of a baby really is and why.Therefore we learn some useles information about the past and Zoe leaving the team (none od which is vital information). Ultimately everyone finds out including Donner, which pushes him to stay untill Zoe barely gets back to the ship with Gamma and they both safely get away, but not without consequence. Zoe is badly burned and Donner is devestated with the whole situation but stands by her side.Furthermore we now have both beta and Gamma on the ship, around which there are many theories. The more dominant one is that the objects are testing the crew members to their limits, and that is also the reason they changed them genetically.The whole story with Beta,Gamma etc... is drifting strongly towards a biblical discussion. Ah well. To conclude this show is TIGHT and i hope that it does not get cancelled, but that is unfortunately a very optimistic thought.moreless
  • best episode so far.

    absolutely amazing,I know I couldn't been the only person with a tear in their eye. I wish they would bring it back to ABC i would watch. I cant wait til the next episode, the network needs to order more episodes of this show(instead of me searching the internet for the episode).I really like the gross actually stood up for the astronauts, this is a really great series,with great writing and actors.Definitely on the edge of your seat. i was chanting zoe too,i would say that i believe this a break out role role for Ron Livingston that show off his acting chops.moreless
Zak Santiago

Zak Santiago


Guest Star

Leslie Woolman

Leslie Woolman

Young Paula

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Michael St. John Smith

Michael St. John Smith

Board Member

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William C. Vaughan

William C. Vaughan

Arnel Poe

Recurring Role

Leanne Adachi

Leanne Adachi

Suki Cho/FDO

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    • Maddux Donner: (voice-over) I don't know where it is you find courage. There isn't a map. It kinda follows the road of emotion. Sometimes stopping near conviction and anger. Other times parking beside fear. Courage plays no favorites. Takes no side. It can be as impressive as a walk on Venus, or as simple as a kiss. But sometimes in our darkest hours, courage is all we have.

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    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Polibek (Kiss)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: October 23, 2009 on SPACE
      United Kingdom: December 22, 2009 on BBC2/BBC HD
      Czech Republic: November 27, 2010 on Prima COOL
      Germany: October 28, 2012 on Sixx