Defying Gravity

Season 1 Episode 2

Natural Selection

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 02, 2009 on ABC

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  • It seems that the title of this episode is prophetic. Something or someone creates a heart problem for two of the eight astronauts and Donner and Shaw who were on the ground crew must take their place before the Antares leaves orbit for its mission.

    A little more revealing in the second hour of the first night of this show. There is something on the ship in Pod 4 which is steering the destiny or direction of the ship and its crew. Shaw who's wife Eve (Karen LeBlanc) is the Mission Director informs him as the new Mission Commander of the specifics of the mission. This information is not revealed to the viewer but it seems they will eventually reveal what is going on.

    Zoe (Laura Harris) has obviously had an abortion as it is revealed she had a relationship with Donner (Livingston) and even though he did have a vasectomy he got her pregnant. Something is causing her to hear a baby crying on the ship. No one else can hear it and to be honest it is a little creepy.

    Donner and Shaw make it to the Antares and Donner saves Ajay (Zahf Hajee) from committing suicide in space when he is removed from the crew because of a heart problem. Both he and the Mission Commander Rollie Crane (Ty Olsson) seemed to have developed the same heart problem within the first few days in space. Another manipulation from the entity? As the Mission Physician stated the odds were astronomical that two crew members would develop this same problem like they did.

    Donner and Zoe seem to having related dreams and their fates seemed to be tied together somehow. Zoe gets shot out of a air lock even though no one triggered the door. Luckily Donner had tethered her. He ends up pulling her back in and she is alright after some hysterical moments.

    I like this series so far and would recommend it. Unlike Virtuality it doesn't seem to have the quirkiness that Pilot had with the virtual reality equipment. Though this Pilot and series does seem to have something manipulating the people, but more like testing them maybe. We'll have to see how far they take this. In a lot of ways a six year mission through our solar system is exciting enough without petty problems and situations. We'll see. Thanks for reading...
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