Defying Gravity

Season 1 Episode 2

Natural Selection

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 02, 2009 on ABC

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  • We learn more about the mystery surrounding the mission.

    So the plot thickens. What is in Storage Pod 4? What or who is the mysterious 'Beta'? Is it leading this mission? Where is taking the crew or what will it do when they arrive on Venus? Did it choose the crew? Is this why 2 crew members suddenly developed matching heart conditions and had to be replaced?

    As for the characters we were given a better insight into their journey to this point. Once again romantic relationships play a major role. The relationship between Rollie and Jen is quite sweet and it appears that they really love each other. However Rollie is clearly aware of the mysterious 'Beta' and appears to be holding something back from Jen that could affect her or their marriage. This is evident from his expression when she mentions her desire to have kids. We also see how Donner and Zoe got together 5 years ago back at the training stage. Some parts of this are funny, such as when Shaw and Rollie rate Donner's chances of scoring or when Jen tries to guess who Zoe was with. Donner appears to have a cocky edge to him, something that is missing or has been worked on by the Antares timeframe. There are some interesting aspects too in the training flashbacks such as how Wassenfelder nearly failed to qualify even back at the very early training days and almost drowned Zoe in the process. There are constant references to his lack of ability and hints that he should not be on Antares. Did 'Beta' play a part in this? This episode gives us our second emergency situation (following Ajay's impromptu spacewalk) with the airlock door opening and Zoe being blasted out into space. Donner is the person who has to rescue her and the use of flashbacks here is poetic, even going so far as to re-use some of their original conversation such as Zoe's answers to the pysch test and the comments on the constellations. There are some more mysterious revelations here as Zoe comments on how she feels she and Donner have 'been here several times' and done this before and that she knew Donner would be with her. Even the way that Wassenfelder comes up with the spit idea to save Zoe leading to Mrs. Shaw commenting on why he is onboard. Is there an element of pre-destined journeys or deja-vu here or is this an effect of 'Beta'? This episode raises far more questions than it does answer them, such as what the hell happened in the final shot when Ted enters Pod 4 and is faced with what appeared to be the red dust of Mars? Is that Beta? However as a long-time fan of sci-fi, long and complicated arcs and unanswered questions courtesy of X-Files I am enjoying this programme and look forward to seeing where it takes us...