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  • Why Doen't someone finish the series???

    I watched Defying Gravity when it first Aired on TV! I ended up subscribing to and Canadian online TV channel to finish the series. Since then I have bought the DVD and re-watched the series. it seems to me that this show is like Firefly suffered from a lack of advertising. Much like other Sci-fi production I think this would translate very well in to a TV movie or mini-series that could complete the story. Who could we reach out to ??? There has to be more support for this!
  • One of the best shows never finished

    I watched Defying Gravity for the first time a few years back, after it had been canceled, and I was obsessed with it from the first ep to the last... I loved everything about it! Well almost everything... but what I didn't like was actually slowly adjusted in the series (to my amazement), like how Laura Harris' portrayal is adjusted in the flashbacks.

    It was like the series creators read my mind. Everything about this show had me spellbound! From the interpersonal relationships to the mystery of Pod 4. Simply put this series was a GEM!

    Like most really great things in this world it was seriously overlooked and as a result was canceled before it's time. Recently I stumbled onto cliqueclack dot com where detail of how the series would have gone had the Network brass had any brass and kept it going.

    How Defying Gravity would have progressed, straight from the creator: cliqueclack. com/tv/2009/10/29/how-defying-gravity-would-have-progressed-straight-from-the-creator

    This sounded amazing... I was really sad to not have had the opportunity to have seen this but series creator James Parriott was still a little optimistic on the final fate of the series at this point. Sadly that optimism would run out where DF was concerned and eventually he did pass on the full story.

    How Defying Gravity would have ended: the final chapter: cliqueclack .com/tv/2010/10/28/how-defying-gravity-would-have-ended-the-final-chapter

    What an ending that would have been... just an amazing series. Clearly, too good for television!
  • Why????

    This show had great potential, Unknown outcomes intriguing expectations, This was like achieving a climax only to stop too soon. The science was solid, the characters were really getting there (their genetic outcome undiscovered), the potential for (How many of these (Orbs)) their influence, and impact not only on the Antares project but mankind.

    Some things are worth taking a loss on, How many people bought the first series, How many are waiting on the second. Will I buy from ABC/iTunes again ? ? ?

    This was entertainment, this stretched imagination, Si Fi is still a minority but still a viable market. Even breakeven and losing markets contribute to the overall success.

    Get a life

    Stick with building the credibility, and entertainment.

  • Best show

    For the past four years I waited in hopes that Defying Gravity would get a fear shake and be put back on air this show gave me a sense of aww and wonder,it force me to think about thing in a way I hadn't . In short I still would love to watch it even if it internet based . network I humbly long with other how wrote or have written your company, this show was taken off air to soon and didn't even get a chance to pull big number's . Defying Gravity had the recessionary tools to make it .Drama , mystery good arc .

    Thank you sincerely Maurice ) I gave 8.5 only because the show left me hang unanswered question's.
  • So good It Sent me into depression when I found out there were no more. Join my facebook 'Get Defying Gravity Back On" site at bottom of this Post. When we get enough people, I will Petition to get the show back on.


    I too late to even KNOWING the show existed, but it was not too late to get myself Hooked. It is really hard to explain my Disappointment in the Show going NO further... I have never felt this way about ANY show being Cancelled...I guess it was the Unique Nature of the Different Planets, the Mystery, and OHHH GOD!! The Technical Accuracy and time that was put into making a truly Believable Near future was not lost on this Individual. Truly felt like i was watching a real Soap Opera in Space.{Soap Opera in a GOOD} I will be Pursuing a Fan Club and I will devour any Spoilers to what Happened to the Crew...AND the Babe turning into a Man that...not so Good..But I would have watched it! PLEASE!! More " DEFYING GRAVITY " Like someone said in one of the many Pleas for more show said." I cannot wait for the BOOK to come out, and I hate to read" in reference to Possibilities of a BOOK. Whatever it takes, we need more. Thanks for the 13 WONDERFULLY Created Episodes...Im in for another Season if you are! ABC...take notice of the growing Anger for your Poor Marketing of a Show that I Guarantee will get a 5 share to start...and Better Rating as the Target Audience Now KNOWS about this great show.

    In Conclusion, Someone Dropped the is NOT too late to fix it. need Quality..this is it. Make this your Simpsons, and allow us to grow with these Awesomely Flawed Astronauts and their Mysterious and Limitless Plot/Story Line.

    Please OH Please Give the show another shot. If what I read is correct , there are many more People like me that Never knew it was ON! Poor Management of a Jewel of a show. Superb!

    I have recently created a Get Defying gravity Back on Facebook page. It is my Hope that I can get enough of you like the page and get a Petition to get our show back on.

    ----------------------------------------------------Matthew Wade Darsey

  • not really believable, good ideas but really miss some deep analysis

    I hope this show will develop better than this 3 episodes.

    Characters are weak, meaning:
    I can't really imagine real life cosmonauts being so, Normal, inexperienced, personal feelings, moody, etc....
    Ted the captain is doing he's crisis, putting everything in danger...
    From mission control, they put together a 6 year mission, with a secret cargo in the pod 4 with out telling anyone about, that can cause fear or else, see capt.Ted. disoriented after tripping out about mars...He could be prevented to understand things differently.

    Generally for the size of the mission, there are to many personal things going on...That is absolutely unacceptable in such situation, every error, misjudgment, can provoke accidents, and to better control things, a professional know how to separate personal feelings from responsibilities.
    So ... For me, characters are a little bit childish, not believable.

    Lack of special effects and technical part of the story: To be in space, it really feels like they act on Earth, so much gravity they walk normally, they to fitness normally, the do all things like on earth gravity, ...
    You can say that they have they Nanotechnology-SUITES or anti-gravitational Nanotechnology tissue, but still would be nice, to see floating pen's floating everything that is not in Nanotechnology-suites, that would make the Nanotechnology-material anti-gravity thing more believable.

    Life on earth, mission control, did not look like 2050 or something close to that.

    Flash-backs LOST style, are uninteresting.
    Would me more appropriate to see why human kind push space exploration so much, wild life on earth on brink of extinction, over pollution, over population, water problems, energy problems... etc..etc.. Show us something more interesting than people going in a bar drinking beers and looking lap dancers. Space exploration is not funny, it is unknown it is serious, it can be scary to be out there completely detached from our Earth. (you get the feeling when you do deep dives) I look forward to this series, and hope will develop better in time.
  • This series is about a bunch of misfits who go into space for years for reseach. Even though the beginning was predictable as to who was joining the crew and who didn't, the show is still enjoyable. With the big mystery of what is in pod 4.

    This show is better than most but was on over the summer to short. Loved how they pulled the perfect team together, but do not like the flashbacks. Hope the next season goes forward. More like drama in space. There was a good story of going into space and living in space "not in search of" and how each person has a job to look after plants - doctor etc. My only fear is because there was really no great mystery to this series I think it will get cancelled before we find out what is in pod 4.
  • Crappy marketing of an outstanding scifi program!

    Crappy marketing of an outstanding scifi program! That's why I didn't see it or hear about it (thanks to a friend's DVD of the first season) until December, 2010-- over a year after it was no longer produced! The story has as much potential as Battlestar Galactica, Babylon Five, Fringe, and Star Trek. Excellent character development in such a short run, and some fascinating story lines. Excellent science fiction allows us to grapple with uncomfortable ideas and concepts and provokes the imagination. It need not answer all the questions poised-- just make us think, and "imagine greater" (sorry for using your brand, SyFy Channel).

    Why didn't Fox and ABC competently market this show? Is there any way to bring it back?
  • Does ABC ever finish a show? This is a great Science-Fiction TV series

    The story of 8 astronauts that travel around the galaxy for a mission that they think is to visit and gather information about 7 planets, but there's more than that!

    It's was a great show and the stories are compelling and the main plot is very very addictive! And BTW it is very well produced show and the photography is also very good!

    I was going to say: "Watch it! You'll love it!" but never mind! ABC has cancelled one more show without giving it an ending ... so avoid watching it because you'll just get frustrated!

    As usual: Thank you ABC!
  • Came around to this one.

    I was on the verge of writing off the series so many times. Yes it had a good cast and acting, nice effects and sets, but there was nothing much beyond the character drama - and there was way too much of that.

    There was a little mystery in the background, but nothing yet to grab the audience. Added to that were some fairly A-B-C character conflicts, too many 'look how sexy we are!' moments, stereotypical 'spacey' events, amazingly unconvincing "astronaut training" and scripts that fell into cliche too often. Much of which was happening in the flashbacks were so slow that it made Lost seem like it was on speed. However, while Lost's flashbacks were often annoyingly slow and barely related to the main story, at least it was balanced against intruiging mystery and action on the island. With Defying Gravity the ship-board events were just as slow. There's been no 'Hard' SF show worth a damn and this one seemed to be blowing all it's potential.

    However, by mid-season (if you count all 13 episodes) the mystery is moved more central and once Beta is revealed it brings up a host of interesting questions and allows some of the events earlier in the season to be re-examined in a new light. The scripts still fall into cliche a little too often, but the great cast played them with enough conviction for us actually begin to care about them and now with Beta the driving force of the mission it seemed like this voyage might be going somewhere interesting. Then it got cancelled. Typical.
  • Nearly there, but didn't quite hit it out of the ballpark.

    I can see what they were going for with this show and the "Grey's Anatomy" in space was happily well off the mark. Enjoyed all the episodes, tho perhaps it needed trimming. Less of the back story in each ep, a slower reveal and more of the majesty and adventure of the voyage. But the glaring and complete mistake was putting this on ABC. It was so obviously NOT a network show, it would have been a perfect and obvious fit for SyFy and i'm confused as to why the producers would ever think it was. Perhaps they were going for the added cache that being a 'network' show provides as opposed to cable, but that was a complete mistake. DG is a close misfire, but one that deserved a second season. The producers have only themselves to blame for not getting this show the home it deserved and needed. Shame.
  • It was a decent show I liked the soap opera they were building with the mysterious plans to go beyond Mars and why some unknown force appeared to be trying to stop it. I liked that the shows universe wasn't too

    It was a decent show I liked the soap opera they were building with the mysterious plans to go beyond Mars and why some unknown force appeared to be trying to stop it. I liked that the shows universe wasn't too futuristic. Yes advanced but humanity still had a host of problems. Issues with food, finance, and even human reproduction were brought to the table. The show did a good job of being between the hope and dystopian views of what may come. The show still kept it's scifi foundation and despite the focus on personal relationships was still solid scifi. The ships as they are called come with any tv show so calling this a day time soap in space was childish. Also the mixture of Spanish into the English was the shows attempt to show human progress. With Spanish being the most spoken language in the world in the future hopefully it would be as natural to speak in the west as English. Sadly people didn't get these points and with a Saturday evening run time ABC condemned the show to failure. So sad I really enjoy Livingston's work he's a great actor catch this one on dvd when you have a chance.
  • Excellent show.

    This fine show speaks for its self so not much to be added. Though I'm rather disappointed with ABC as to why they would start a show in which they must have known from the start that without the proper backing. With such a short run and very up front hype any show would never survive their renewal requirements. So in the future why would we viewers invest our time on any new airings if the chopping block is just around the corner? Finally luckily I live north of the 49th and was able to see final episodes on Space.
  • Mans struggle to the stars has finally come, Defying Gravity is a real sci fi (not fantasy) show

    Set in the not to far distance future man decides to take a grand tour of the solar system in peace and for science, but wait a moment is everything supposed to be this way????

    All the actors/actresses are very good and they portray their very different characters parts flawlessly. This show is TRUE sci fi, with decent science and very little fantasy. People just need to be able to understand the basics and the way the show is delivered. I think maybe Defying Gravity is too grown up for some viewers. The plot deals with abortion, religion, Death, sex, love in fact almost every human weakness/strength, impulsive viewing.

    Defying Gravity is FAR FAR better than STARGATE and STAR TREK, please give this show a chance people space isn't about lasers, floppy aliens and nonsence science, space is cold silent hard and lonely. Buy the DVD folks and let's get this show back on TV where it should be.
  • I just love the show.

    Came by it by incident and just viewed the pilot. Then started watching it and I am hoping they will come up with the second season soon.

    If you love sci-fi, then you'll love this one. it is not too fancy, but the story is nice. Every now and then there is new information presented and the BETA thing makes it interesting.

    great new cast, good story, hope they push forward to finish the whole journey of six years through th universe...

    ofcourse it is not Battlestar galactica, but then again, what will ever reach the level that has achieved.

    enjoy, I loved it
  • Criticism for a show worth bring back.

    A little heavy on the soap opera but, they may have wrote themselves into a corner. Losing A.J. (Indian guy) from the crew was a major mis-step. The introspective, spiritual, morality play developed by the objects through the visions for some reason cursed him and another with a health problem to cut him from the crew. Yet it allows the fat stoner who reminds me of Tyler Labine from Invasion and Reaper. "Sock" from Reaper might be a bit of a front as he is supposed to be a nice guy underneath. Still, he was portrayed as the single worst candidate with a vague claim to intelligence. But A.J. becomes a strong supporting character. The early focus on him and his interaction with Livingston were some of the best moments. Fairly realistic considering how extremely white the crew is with a token black couple and Moralas who is pretty and cute like a hispanic Zoey being the exceptions. It is an aside but, A.J.'s character also points toward the direction that would have made it better. A little more technology and background in what made the mission possible. He worked as a designer of some of the equipment. Like the scene where Livingston gets angry with A.J. at being corrected there could be more tech as a backdrop for the introspection of the memories and visions. 2001 and 2010 in the Space Odyssey series could be good guides. Arthur C. Clarke third novel was 2061 and this show could be dated close to this date. It is now 2010 and what was 2001 notable for? 9/11. Maybe they can steer the ship away from white power, money and influence toward a spiritual purification that may be facilitated by the isolation of space.
  • What a refreshing change to SciFi! Great Characters (all of them), many interesting sub-plots and set not too far in the future so not over the top on technology.

    What a refreshing change to SciFi! From someone who's grown up on Star Trek shows (original to Voyager) I am surprised why I like this (lower tech) show so much. There are many relationships in it too which is usually a low priority for my selection process. However, I am as much interested in how these develop as much as the main mission/story.

    I found out that the show was cancelled by ep 05 so I didn't know if it would be worth continuing through the rest. I did, and am glad I did as I just got more and more hooked. Unfortunately, it's about 15 minutes since I watched ep 13 (Kiss) and now I can't believe there won't be any more! And unfortunately there's nothing else I know of like Defying Gravity that I can tune in to as an alternative.

    So James Parriott if you're listening, well done, thanks and, ever thought of bringing the remainder of the story in written/book form?
  • A little too much soap opera and flashback and too little of SF suspense.

    The starting premise was great; the entire part of the show before we actually find out about Beta was equally good; a mystery of huge proportions. Flashbacks and "real time" meshed well as we got to know the travelers.
    However, after we found out about all the bio-artefacts, two things happened:
    1. The mystery was out. It was clear where they were going and what they were doing. It was also clear that the artefacts would not let them fail, so that tool a big chunk out of the suspense.
    2. The flashback portion increased and so did the soap opera aspect of the show. Now, you can do that with say "Battlestar Galactica" because there are sexy Cylons and spaceships popping up all over the place. However, in a human drama SF where all you have is - human drama, it just slowed the pace down to a crawl and there was nowhere to go with space expectations.
    In my opinion, if they speeded up the whole thing and got all the artefacts in two seasons, switching the focus to earth and what would happen when all the artefacts were found, that would have picked up the pace and made it more interesting, ultimately switching the gear completely once on earth.
    Too bad, I generally liked the series and loved the premise - but even I couldn't have seen myself go through 5-6 seasons of this type of soap.
  • I have only seen upto eposide 5, Rubicon. The show follows the Astronoughts through their selection process, showing the people onboard are selected for a reason. It follows thier space and personal journeys.

    I absoloutely love this season, I can not figure out why American T.v has axed the show?!

    I think all the actors/actress's are amazingly good and portray their charcters well.

    I like the way a story unfolds about past and present each week, you get to follow each character and go on their on personnel journey, I can not wait to find out why each individual was choosen, and what thier mission really is.

    The show is fantasticly written,and is at times very touching.

    I am hoping there will bve a series 2!
    as well as telling a story it follows all the charcters dreams, hopes and fears.

  • A show that I wish was just a little better, and I would like to see it given a chance.

    From my point of view Defying Gravity has yet to really find its legs or hint at any future store elements that I am truly excited about.

    Yes I want to see what happens next, but so far the show feels like a mini series not a season to season type show. That said, I love the cast and I like the idea behind the show, I just want a bit more from the writers.

    I for one will be watching all the episodes that come out and I look forward to a return of the show so that I can at least find out what happens when they find another one of our friends from pod 4.
  • Okay, so I've given the show a perfect 10. This isn't to shift the popularity of the show or anything, I just thought it deserved it in the end.

    A slow start and massively poor publicity have hit this show hard from the start. I caught a brief glimpse of an advert on the BBC and immediately I was hooked. Anything that could be a slight risk for the BBC tend to turn out to be awesome. Their support for the first season of 24 showed that and if only the first season of Defying Gravity had been shown at the same time as the US airred it's shows it might have stood a chance of captivating the audience here in the UK.

    Anyway, that aside (and that is the only complaint I have about the show!) I have enjoyed every last bit of the season and will do so again as it airs on the BBC in the hope that they could fund a further season. The storyline could easily run and run, the focus could be allowed to shift slightly over another season, still building to a climax as we saw in season one. I have read many varied reports (though alot of 'news' sites tend to copy and paste!) that the show has been killed off and torn to pieces but I hope that it will return somehow.

    Even for it to disppeared for a year or so and return with an all new crew and a new storyline would be preferable to seeing it gone for good.

    I can't really review it impartially at all as I have enjoyed it so much and I think I've waffled on enough. I just hope it gets a second chance that's all :-)
  • Defying Gravity: a jewel science fiction show with a quickly growing fan base worldwide (yes, even if it is not aired on ABC anymore!).

    Defying Gravity is the only show that I would go out of my to watch and let it be known that I do not have a TV. It is an original science fiction show resulting from the mix of well developed mysteries taking place in the future and set with some very interesting political and societal issues in which science and human destiny are central. It is characterized by a great story line about the very old issue of individual fear and struggle when faced with unknown powers beyond ourselves and how such individual struggle can change and shape our Human destiny. Following the development of the characters with the very well orchestrated flashbacks to the earth based training years is very original and well done. The transitions are smooth and it gives quite a rare (for tv shows) depth to the characters. Their past and sometimes future unfold before us as the protagonists progress through their mission and have to face forces beyond all what they could have expected and what they were trained for. The mix of science fiction, mystical beliefs and struggle both as isolated individuals but also as a team is truly original and addictive. This show has amazing potential and it gets better and better throughout the season. Episode 13 is really worth it!

    If you want to help bring the show back visit the facebook page "Save Defying Gravity" and help with their various initiatives to being the show back and have season 2 come to life. Note that Star Trek and Family Guy were both cancelled early on (for years in the case of Star Trek) before being brought back to life by sheer number of mobilized underground fans and DVD customers, respectively. The full season 1 is available to watch online on SPACE. It will also be available on hulu and itune if not already
  • Great show revolving around the astronaughts involed in a 6 year quest through space on a ship called The Antares. It follows their exciting journey, and what each of them have done to be where they are today.

    This is a fantastic show! It is one of those shows that you just have to keep following!!
    The chemistry between the charachters is amazing, and the casting of this show is perfect, with Ron Livingston & Laura Harris undoubtedly being the stand outs.
    The way the show is set out is also one of it's best features. The way that main story is told in present, then slowly having the past revealed to you piece by piece is what makes the show so much more compelling.
    It is so unfortunate that this show was pulled after eight episodes, because the whole premise of the show is one that isn't only going to be enjoyed by the regular 'sci-fi' audience, but anyone who watches it.
    This show, these characters, this storyline, and these actors should be an absolute recipe for sucess, and in my opinion this show is a sucess!
    I don't know why the show didn't get the ratings it should have, I could only put it back to the marketing! If this show had half the marketing that this new 'V' show is having, there is no doubt it would habe been a huge success!
    Hopefully the powers that be don't let this great show get thrown to the scrap heap, and they come to their senses and start production on season two!!!
  • A show about a mysterious element that leads to a six year, seven planet expedition.

    I was looking for something new to watch and I came onto the ABC site. I don't have a TV at the moment so I get all my shows from the internet. I had previously seen commercials about this show and I thought I'd give it a shot. In less than a day I have watched all 8 of the episodes that aired. I loved it. I had been unsure of the premise but it turned out to be great. The characters are intriguing, the flashbacks give us their insights, and the mission itself is worth watching. The Beta storyline is a little out there but now I want to know what it is. I came on here to see when it was and now it says "Hiatus". ABC cannot cancel this show. The fans need to know exactly what they all saw and what it is. Why did Jen look almost as if she didn't see anything? Please bring this show back! I definitely recommend for others to watch! :)
  • Seen the 1st five episodes and it is good to see something different.

    As a fan of sci-fi, i was always willing to give this a watch and decide for myself whether or not i like it. The pilot gripped me without trying to hard to sell itself and the premise became very interesting as soon as they mentioned the object Beta.
    as for the cast, the character Zoe appears to be the most boring of them all and Donner is obviously one of those people who need face-time with Beta himself in order for every1 to grasp what it is / what it wants from them.
    All-in-all a great show that somehow snuck in under the radar which says alot as i do watch an insane amount of tv and watch out for something new and different.
  • The acting can be hammy, Donner's monologues are cheesy and long-winded at best and it's no Battlestar Galactica. So why do I love it so much?

    For all intents and purposes, I should hate this show (well, except for my eternal crush on Ron Livingstone, obsessively maintained since his role as Berger on 'Sex & the City'). The Grey's-Anatomy-esque casting and dialogue, the cheesy and reflective moments (punctuated by Donner's voiceovers) and the rather drawn-out plot. Even though the first season only runs into 13 episodes, if I think back, it really doesn't seem like much has happened to date.
    Aside from being naturally drawn to sci-fi settings, I think it may be all the things I've listed above that are keeping me glued to this series. Because, really, I should hate it - but it's guilty pleasure viewing. There are few twists and turns and the characters are easy to love (especially Eve - I adore Eve). The show's efforts to confuse you by jumping about time periods are fairly futile, and the show has a certain predictability. But it's comfortable. Even if it is a poor substitute for the not-picked-up 'Virtuality'.
  • Great show but sabotaged by ABC

    I accidentally stumbled on this show, no thanks to ABC. This is a great show but the lack of advertising and the horrible time slot (c'mon Sunday at 9pm) = demise.

    I hope Canada decides to continue with this series in spite of ABC. I hope ABC will at least air the rest of the first season episodes... eventually.

    Maybe another channel can pick it up and do the show justice. What other scifi show is there anyways besides SGU (not thrilled with the show so far)?

    I guess we can always watch re-runs of our favourite show to get our kick.
  • Dump FF - Bring back DG!!!

    This was (is?) a great show. Of course, it's FICTION, so the science isn't perfect - but it's more about the characters, like BSG. I now have had the dubious pleasure of falling asleep during both viewings of the "F" show (FastForward) episodes, to-date. It's boring and the actors just don't have the CHEMISTRY of DG's team. Hence, they do not "suspend my disbelief." I vote for bringing back DG and canceling FF... I also cannot believe they "stuck" DB on Sunday night and put FF on Thursday - WAY more competitive.

    I am, however, looking forward to "V" in a few weeks...
  • Defying Gravity is a voyage of discovery that explores the nature of humanity, the universe and beyond. It poses multiple 'what if' scenarios for a crew of astranauts on a mission to explore the solar system. But that's not their primary mission...

    Decidedly one of the best shows on TV. You will want to watch it. Years from now a friend will turn you onto it. After watching the first episode you will find yourself hooked: wanting to see the whole series. Unfortunately, you may find that the show ended a lot sooner then planned due to poor ratings. You find yourself thinking "it figures" as you remember a dozen, or so, other shows that were curtailed, only to gain a far wider audience via word of mouth later.

    You sigh. Shake your head... what can you do? Is it too late to wiegh in?

    No, it's not; don't let that be the case!

    Let Defying Gravity defy the trend the Networks have of mouthballing great shows long before they have a chance to become popular.
  • Absolutely amazing show, finally good sci fi with a plot and intrigue. Currently the only decent sci fi out there (untill Stargate Universe develops a bit more). GREAT SHOW, and it would be a tragedy to loose it.

    This is definately the best Sci Fi currently out there.Since the ending of Battlestar and Stargate we were left starving, but this show brought back some hope. Furthermore finally a rare occurance, a sci fi with a plot. I hope it does not get cancelled, that would be a waste and a shame, and honestly, it's not like they have many good shows on the network as it is, they could at least keep one good show. But only time and money will tell, since that is all that is important to the networks these days. Who gives a **** about good television. Anyways, hope it does not get cancelled, that would be a tragedy.
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