Defying Gravity

ABC (ended 2009)





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  • not really believable, good ideas but really miss some deep analysis

    I hope this show will develop better than this 3 episodes.

    Characters are weak, meaning:
    I can't really imagine real life cosmonauts being so, Normal, inexperienced, personal feelings, moody, etc....
    Ted the captain is doing he's crisis, putting everything in danger...
    From mission control, they put together a 6 year mission, with a secret cargo in the pod 4 with out telling anyone about, that can cause fear or else, see capt.Ted. disoriented after tripping out about mars...He could be prevented to understand things differently.

    Generally for the size of the mission, there are to many personal things going on...That is absolutely unacceptable in such situation, every error, misjudgment, can provoke accidents, and to better control things, a professional know how to separate personal feelings from responsibilities.
    So ... For me, characters are a little bit childish, not believable.

    Lack of special effects and technical part of the story: To be in space, it really feels like they act on Earth, so much gravity they walk normally, they to fitness normally, the do all things like on earth gravity, ...
    You can say that they have they Nanotechnology-SUITES or anti-gravitational Nanotechnology tissue, but still would be nice, to see floating pen's floating everything that is not in Nanotechnology-suites, that would make the Nanotechnology-material anti-gravity thing more believable.

    Life on earth, mission control, did not look like 2050 or something close to that.

    Flash-backs LOST style, are uninteresting.
    Would me more appropriate to see why human kind push space exploration so much, wild life on earth on brink of extinction, over pollution, over population, water problems, energy problems... etc..etc.. Show us something more interesting than people going in a bar drinking beers and looking lap dancers. Space exploration is not funny, it is unknown it is serious, it can be scary to be out there completely detached from our Earth. (you get the feeling when you do deep dives) I look forward to this series, and hope will develop better in time.