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  • So good It Sent me into depression when I found out there were no more. Join my facebook 'Get Defying Gravity Back On" site at bottom of this Post. When we get enough people, I will Petition to get the show back on.


    I too late to even KNOWING the show existed, but it was not too late to get myself Hooked. It is really hard to explain my Disappointment in the Show going NO further... I have never felt this way about ANY show being Cancelled...I guess it was the Unique Nature of the Different Planets, the Mystery, and OHHH GOD!! The Technical Accuracy and time that was put into making a truly Believable Near future was not lost on this Individual. Truly felt like i was watching a real Soap Opera in Space.{Soap Opera in a GOOD} I will be Pursuing a Fan Club and I will devour any Spoilers to what Happened to the Crew...AND the Babe turning into a Man that...not so Good..But I would have watched it! PLEASE!! More " DEFYING GRAVITY " Like someone said in one of the many Pleas for more show said." I cannot wait for the BOOK to come out, and I hate to read" in reference to Possibilities of a BOOK. Whatever it takes, we need more. Thanks for the 13 WONDERFULLY Created Episodes...Im in for another Season if you are! ABC...take notice of the growing Anger for your Poor Marketing of a Show that I Guarantee will get a 5 share to start...and Better Rating as the Target Audience Now KNOWS about this great show.

    In Conclusion, Someone Dropped the is NOT too late to fix it. need Quality..this is it. Make this your Simpsons, and allow us to grow with these Awesomely Flawed Astronauts and their Mysterious and Limitless Plot/Story Line.

    Please OH Please Give the show another shot. If what I read is correct , there are many more People like me that Never knew it was ON! Poor Management of a Jewel of a show. Superb!

    I have recently created a Get Defying gravity Back on Facebook page. It is my Hope that I can get enough of you like the page and get a Petition to get our show back on.

    ----------------------------------------------------Matthew Wade Darsey

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