Defying Gravity

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Unknown on ABC
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The Antares crew has to face the isolation and loneliness of space during the final hours before the Venus landing.

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  • In "Solitary", this week's episode, we find out some of the crew members' weak spots. And they're a doozy?

    First of all, I am of the opinion "Defying Gravity" is a very good show. It has drama, romance, curious but understated social issues (Abortion is illegal in the future? People don't carry wallets or money but PDAs instead?), and adventure. It may not be the kind of adventure we've been accustomed to in past years (no explosions, chases or gratuitous violence) but the type of adventure men such as Columbus and Magellan experienced (within context). This episode delved into the interpersonal relations of the crew and their auxiliaries back on Earth. It was well defined, ripe with tension and new sub-plot lines, and gave us further glimpses into what to expect of the interaction between Beta and the crew. I do wonder: Where is AJ? And what is the deal with the resident German sex-bomb? Could it be she used to be a man? Or that she has a dead male identical twin? Are we getting a glimpse of a parallel reality? Color me interested.

    All in all, a very enjoyable episode which has me, at least, salivating for more.moreless
  • A day before Venus..

    So.. I was expecting little more of this episode. The thing on the space was quite ok. I loved the way those past fears were reflected and how it all was build there.. Specially the thing building with Paula.. what's going on.. really?

    And on the ground.. Claire storyline seemed to get interesting but we are not sure if she became the leak or not.. but for sure, she was the pray there. But the whole thing with Rollie Crane.. I did not liked the way it go and it seemed to be.. quite filler. At least I did not saw the point.

    The thing was... that episode felt filler.. Maybe those things there will turn into something but.. I hope they do..moreless
  • Solitary refers to the deprivation chambers all astronauts must be able to be tested in and pass. We experience some of the crews fears and faults in different current and remembered sequences.moreless

    Unfortunately a filler episode between the last and what seems to be the Venus landing episode coming up.

    We see and get to experience to a point the crazy deprivation that the ISO program makes you go through to become an Astronaut. All of this is rapped around Rollie's terrible car accident and the fact that he was drunk and hit that young girl. Goss who comes across as a big jerk as much as usual fixes it so Rollie can go back on the floor, but he needs to pretend that the accident never happened and he needs to avoid telling Jen.

    The other major storylines are the relationships and beliefs of the crew members. Evram must analyze Paula since she went off the deep end. It is interesting what comes to the surface when she discovers something about her beliefs which cause her distress. In the end she goes to Wass for comfort much to his surprise.

    Nadia seems to be cracking a little bit and the tough girl exterior is coming down. The relationship with her, Donner, and Zoe continues to complicate as Donner helped Zoe learn a significant lesson years before and she helps Donner learn or remember it on the eve of their Venus mission. Nadia is the one that needs comforting in the here and now as she is having doubts. Zoe is also having problems with what to say when she steps on Venus for the first time being the first human to do so.

    We also see how Jen and Rollie ended up together when he came through for her in a dire time and Ted sort of dropped the ball. In a way I guess that was what was suppose to happen as Ted and Eve got together.

    In probably the biggest long term news, Claire begins to see another change in the crew genetically and is told by Goss and Eve not to tell the crew or anyone else. I think personally that Goss is hanging by a thread himself.

    So we are ready for the Venus landing in less than 24 hours. I am really looking forward to seeing this episode and what occurs. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • This is a typical "filler" episode.More character developing than anything else, but very informative. Furthermore there are some anwsers about Jen's fling with Ted and especially Paula's halucination story.

    The episode kicks off with Rowley's unfortunate accident (he drove over a cycler). Then we start learning about Jen's fling with Ted and how she starts drifting towards Rowley, this is the main storyline of the episode resulting with Rowley feeling the same way as Jen felt with Ted before she dumped him. Furthermore the underlying story of Paula and her dog Hektor, involving her reasons for believing in GOD finally comes to pass. There is a third minor storyline which is useless filling of time but hey, we get to see tension and reunion of Zoe and Donner. To conclude we see some trouble breewing with Nadia and her hallucination and her desperate reach out to Donner (trying to lure him back in). An eventless but enlightning episode worth the view.moreless
  • A so-so episode. More character development for Paula, who's unraveling and Nadia's hallucination I have a THEORY!

    I got my little Donner/Zoe moment of the week - dart playing at the bar - which of course led from Donner teaching Zoe how to actually hit the board (and not the wall or any other patrons) - it's all about touch, solid but relaxed - to Zoe reminding Donner and helping him pass an 'impossible' simulation.

    After Paula's little freak out last week (when she found out she wouldn't be piloting the lander) it was decided she needed a psych evaluation from Evram. You can guess how that went - Paula's Miracle dog Vs. Evram's logic - The winner is.........well no one - she wouldn't admit anything and walked away saying they were done and then later by herself remembered being a little girl running out her front door with the dog BEHIND her and a mystery man walking out after TWO dogs? Or she left the door open and Hector ran in front of that truck? I don't get it but what I did find interesting was she ran to the physicist for comfort. And he gave her a hug, bless him.

    I have a theory on the man Nadia keeps hallucinating, but first here's my reasoning:

    1: They are VERY similar in appearance.

    2: How upset his 'appearance' makes her.

    3: Her over-sexual compensation.

    4: The whole friends with benefits thing.

    5: Her competitive/ aggressive streak. The answer: Nadia IS A MAN!

    She was born male or of both sexes and her parents chose and she took hormones or something. OMG! I can't believe it took me this long to see it...for a while there I was think brother or twin...Well HELL it might still be but I'm pretty certain that I'm right.moreless

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