Defying Gravity

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 09, 2009 on ABC
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Personal and professional relationships get more intense on Earth and aboard the Antares. In the meantime, the Antares' crew undergoes cellular and psychological transformations which is caused by the unseen power behind the mission.

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  • OMG! Cancel NOW!

    okay, okay i did give the third episode a go. believe me or not i had my eyes open thru the whole episode, i did not believe how long they could drag on with this crap show. i am honest if you still like this show then there must be something wrong with you. this is just an utter crappy show, that are well deserved the turkey price for a bad tv show. i do not call this a sci-fi show anymore i have a new genre for this, and that is "puked up garbage wannabe tv show". please cancel it now and save us from more suffering!moreless
  • The mysteries abound on the Antares.

    New episode, new questions. What is the big secret behind Antares and the mission? From the look on Ted's face it isn't something he expected. Was that just a glimpse of some threat they face? Or something he and Donner may have encountered on Mars that is guiding this journey? It hardly has anything to do with the crew members they left behind, does it? Once again we see the interaction between the couples and ex-couples. For Rollie and Jen the separation enforced by the mission will be tougher I think as they seem to be quite close. Following Paula's comment on killing the rabbit foetuses, Jen may be planning on creating an unauthorised 'baby' for her and Rollie. Her attempts to help Ted after Rollie asked her to be a friend make her realise there is still an attraction there which Rollie definitely isn't happy about. For Eve and Ted the separation is less focussed on their marriage than the anger he feels that she didn't tell him about 'Beta' and what it involves. His encounter with it seems to have shaken him considerably. It also raises the question as to how Eve was chosen? What do the 'Suits' have to do with 'Beta' and why are they watching Eve interact with whatever it is?

    I really like the scenes with Donner and Zoe in flashbacks, they seem to be the light side of the couples, injecting a little bit of humour into the show. It was nice to see their interaction at the bus-stop and how much they like each other despite Zoe's best efforts not to. Its funny watching Ted and Jen interacting 5 years ago since we know they became an item but are now both married to other people. When Rollie was hitting on Jen it started as playful but when he observed her attraction to Ted he backed off but it became almost sinister in tone. It is strange too the way Eva looked at Ted back then, very predatory. Was she directed to become involved with him? What does that say about the love in their relationship, is it all false? Was Rollie supposed to end up with Jen? The flashbacks also introduce us and the trainees to HALOs which provide some amusing scenes where the ladies challenge the men to a sexual arousal test. The comments Jen and Zoe make about relationships are interesting. Can you ever become just colleagues with someone you had a relationship with? Now they are both trapped with their ex-boyfriends for the next 6 years which could become complicated since they have both resorted to wearing 2nd HALOs.

    The scenes with Ajay are quite sad, such as when he returns to an empty apartment full of boxes and when his I.D card is rejected at work. In the last episode we found out that even if he was medically and psychologically sound they would not allow him to return to the team. Is this a decision based on his spacewalk or something to do with Beta's selection? Why was there no issue with Rollie? Clearly his heart condition was similar to Ajay's and meant he had to be replaced so why is he deemed ok to go back on the floor almost immediately and chow down on fattening (and presumably artery-clogging) burgers? The emergency of the week seems to be the new illnesses and symptoms that the crew are experiencing. Ted's aloofness and Paula's vomiting are not serious by themselves but combined with the knowledge that the crew's genetic code is changing poses the question, what is 'Beta' doing to cause these symptoms? Zoe is still hearing a baby crying, is this some reference to her pregnancy with Donner? And what was the story with the landing programme – why was it changed and why is it so important? More mysteries but I am intrigued. This programme definitely sucks you in!moreless
  • More smoother storytelling

    So third episode had little better story flow - I mean, the flashbacks and now did not switched so often and that lead to much steamer and much more steadier story flow what I found myself to enjoy.

    Other on that.. I am not sure. The part's of the story aboard the ship where not bad.. I mean, it had some developments but the whole relationship thing and mixed pairs and the flashback.. maybe that is just too much soap for me but that felt little.. not cheap but.. something that somehow broke the episode for me as there were quite many good and even deep thoughts - I mean like the end scene - crying on that room and the whole story/ideas about boxes and how everything we do need opening doors. Anyway, It was steadier episode, some good meaning but in the end, it does not feel too much soap... maybe it is only a light entertainment but I would like to expect more.moreless
  • After a slow start this show is starting to maintain my interest. Way to early to judge this show, this will require most of the first season to see if it makes the flashback sequencing work for the whole Pod 4 mystery. TV worth watching at this point.moreless

    After a slow start this show is starting to maintain my interest. Way to early to judge this show, this will require most of the first season to see if it makes the flashback sequencing work for the whole Pod 4 mystery. TV worth watching at this point. I think the producers and writers of Defying Gravity really tried to get something very unique on the screen for TV audiences. Getting the relationships tied into the mystery side of the show is clever, although I think the sci-fi geeks are not getting it at all and there fore see a nuts and bolts NASA show here instead of a fictional story.moreless
  • Interesting episode that investigates a lot with the relationships of the crew and their lovers aboard the Antares and prior to the mission. It also goes a little more into what is occurring and how everyone involved is being affected by the entity.moreless

    I enjoyed this episode more than the second one as it still involved some intrigue but you didn't feel lives were in jeopardy every other ten minute section of the show. What was most interesting was the jockeying of the personnel and their relationships and then the change in physiological nature of all of the crew members and others that were exposed to the entity.

    Ted is forced to face his fears and what he remembers about Mars. Raleigh is forced to make sure his wife keeps Ted sane despite the fact that he is jealous and knows long term there is an attraction between Jen and Ted. Eve is obviously aware of what she is risking having Ted up in space without her. She brings Claire into the ring of knowledge when the doctor makes the discovery of the shift in genome for the whole crew. One wonders what that is all about?

    Poor Paula! Calling her Paula puke doesn't help either. You have to wonder about Stephen and really why he is on this mission? He seems to be a little childish and self centered to be involved in a mission of this type. It seems that Nadia may have warned him straight but we'll have to see. Will Paula be well enough by the time the Venus touch down needs to occur?

    The Donner/Zoe story is obviously a major piece of this show but it is interesting that Nadia seems to have interest in Donner as well. She claims it's purely sexual but I'm not sure. From the coming attractions we'll see a little more of all this next week.

    Then there is Evram Mintz, chief medical officer and psychologist. When will everyone start talking with him and why didn't he deal with Ted and Paula from the beginning? His style may be a little too hands off for a mission of this type. Especially with what they are going to be dealing with very soon.

    I enjoyed all of the back story stuff which will help us understand the relationships going forward. Again I'll voice the concern that I hope this isn't a Harper's Island in space type show. If it is I'll drop it like a hot potato. We shall see, won't we. Thanks for reading...moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The astronaut in Donner's story should not have died in the ejection accident as he described. All modern ejection seats are "Zero-Zero" ejection seats, meaning they can be safely used at zero altitude (on the ground) and zero speed, and the chute will still have time to open, in part to prevent exactly this problem, but primarily to allow for emergency exit from aircraft during emergencies on the runway.

    • Featured Music:
      "Playboy" by Candy Coated Killahz

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Donner: (voice-over) I've always believed that doors are meant to be opened. That's why they have hinges and knobs. You put up a barrier and someone is gonna walk through it. It's human nature to want to know what's on the other side... and to ignore the obvious catch. Doors are there for a reason.

    • (Referring to Zoe and Donner testing the Venus Lander in close quarters together)
      Jen: Tell me how it went.
      Zoe: Fine.
      Jen: That's it? Fine?
      Zoe: That's it. It was professional and cordial.
      Jen: Cordial?
      Zoe: In a very professional way.
      Jen: Hm. Well, excellent.
      Zoe: You don't believe me.
      Jen: I believe you and I'm proud of you!
      Zoe: Good.
      : Despite the fact you're wearing two HALOs.

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Hranice (Threshold)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: August 9, 2009 on CTV
      United Kingdom: October 29, 2009 on BBC2/BBC HD
      Czech Republic: September 18, 2010 on Prima COOL
      Germany: October 7, 2012 on Sixx