Defying Gravity

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Unknown on ABC

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  • On the Venus

    So.. Zoe did figured out her "famous" sentence and they did landed on Venus.. and it will be it.. the ending looked like a promise for another good episode.. and this one.. it was not bad either.

    I hoped it to have more action.. more happening. There was the landing and all but they managed to spend a lot of time on flashbacks and for sure, they did served some purpose but.. it should be more what they are up now.. So.. To be honest.. I hoped this one to be the "big episode".. Maybe it was just the interlude and the whole things happens next episode as there are many things to answer..
  • The Antares has arrived in Venus orbit and Donner and Zoe are preparing to go to the surface. Everyone is on edge on the ship and mission control as they know what it is they are landing for, but they need to show a different face to the viewers.

    Pretty heavy duty episode that concludes with the start of the Venus mission. I won't say much about that as you need to see it to really get the feel for how it goes. A very emotional ride and well worth the wait.

    The episode itself deals with the final 20 astronaut candidates and how they were picked and what effect the judgment had on them. There are a number of surprises which will need to be explained in later episodes so it's not worth going into now. Let's just say that the episode ran the gauntlet of emotions.

    We learn a lot about Donner, Zoe, and Nadia, also Jen, Rollie, and Ted, and then the rest of the crew as they prepare for this momentous day.

    The episode ends in a cliffhanger which will be followed up in the next episode "Kiss".

    Very exciting episode. This series is extremely enjoyable and I hope we get to see a number of additional episode. Thanks for reading...