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Degrassi High

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Degrassi High is a realistic look at high school life.

Lyrics to the theme song: Wake up in the morning, got to shake the feeling. I've gotta face a day at school. What's to be afraid of I can ask a question, and maybe even bend the rules.

I'm seaching for a place where I fit in, there's a way, if I look that I can win. Yeah I can see I'm not alone. I can face the unknown.

Everybody can succeed, in yourself you must believe. Give it a try. At Degrassi High!

    Why You're Never Too Old for Degrassi

    The series is simultaneously timeless and specific to the current teenage generation.


    Oh No! Degrassi Is Getting Kicked Out of TeenNick's House

    The long-running teen drama will be looking for a new home in the United States.

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    • An old story that seems to be actual, even more than 20 years later.

      I hate everybody, but myself. That was the way all these teenagers were feeling, and I am sure cause I remember feeling that way.

      20 years later and this show is still actual. I like the way they deal with normal issues, that our teenagers have to live also today. The first date, the sex talk, divorcing parents, losing families, sex before marriage, unwanted pregnancies, anorexia, drugs, friendship and loneliness.

      Do I suggest somebody to watch it? Yes I do.. you won't see super actresses or actors, but kids that have issues that 20 yrs later are still the same, difference, parents seems to be paying more attention to the kids of that time..

      This show brought values, and the consecuences of wrong decisions, and i think people should watch it. Go Degrassi! [Spike Fan! but she was a witch with Shane at the end]moreless
    • Only Adjectives:Intense, slightly unrealistic, Dramatic, lovable, romantic, tear-inducing, atractive, and relatable.

      Degrassi is a show that is very near and dear to my heart. Ive been watching it from season one and I'm loving every second. This show makes you feel like your developing a bond with the characters. you watch them grow up, and they grow up with you. you go through what they go through, and it shows good and bad ways to deal with your problems. they make mistakes for you so you can learn from theirs, instead of making those mistakes yourselves. It is however a little over dramatic in the sence that it wants to relate to it's audience. And is not intensley hard hitting, for a show that claims "Degrassi, it goes ther." but this show is intended for the teen crowed from 14 to about 17 I would say, therefor it dosent need to be to "adult content." but it does deal with serious topics such as pregnancy, death, drug use, std's,and internal, mental, and physical handicaps. it allows you to see your favorite characters rise and fall, and that fellow tv viewers, is what makes a drama fantastic.(keep in mind that this opinion is from me, a teenager's point of view, and may not be enjoyable to an adult audience.)moreless
    • Degrassi is a teenage soap opera. Too many characters to describe in 255 characters.

      I used to love this show. Unfortunately, it is going down hill fast. The episodes are getting repetitive. The show has lost its shock value. Half of my favorite couple has left the show. It is getting boring and predictable. As I said before, I used to love this show. I could not wait for new episodes. Now I just watch them because I feel like I should because it was once one of my favorite shows. Watch the first few seasons of Degrassi, but stop watching it after that. It will just become a disappointment to you. I hate that fact so much.moreless
    • Classic show

      Degrassi High is a classic show for teens. It really shows the hardships of growing up and some of the things teens have to face. It's also rewarding to see the degrassi stars when they were younger compared to those that joined degrassi tng. The show was definitely ahead of it's time. It dealt with various issues that teens face. They showed numerous issues that included sex, teen pregnancy, drugs and more. The only thing I hate is that it was kind of short in my opinion. I'm talking about Degrassi High not junior. I wish there were more episodes but other than that I recommend it to all.moreless
    • omg i still love this show!

      Although this show ended before I was born I like still love it. I mean I've seen most of the episodes and it seems sooo good. It like can still apply to times today because the high school are like the high schools now. I love the characters too. Like even the mean ones have their moments. I love Degrassi! It's soooo good. I wish they still made new episodes. Well, that probably won't be possible after like 17 years. bleh. well whatever, Degrassi was great while it was running and it's still great even after all these years! Ow Owmoreless

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