Degrassi High

Season 1 Episode 1

A New Start (1)

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Nov 06, 1989 on CBC

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  • Everyone is in high school, and Dwayne, Tabi, and Nick bring back initiation unofficially. Erica and Heather talk about their summer at camp, where Erica met a guy and lost her virginity. Erica thinks she's pregnant and takes a test; it's negative.

    Seeing little Tessa and Dorothy being there too, it made me wonder if now they added grade 8 to high school and added grade 7 to elementary school at least to ease the transition after the fire. Weird, but whatever. Probably school shows have done that to a degree. What was really painful to watch was the initiations. How Dwayne, Tabi and Nick decide to bring it back because the school is turning into kindergarten. Like that's their fault? Initiation just stoops them to their level. Then again, where do they get the money for the extra flour and shaving cream and all that? Well, they don't show much of their out-of-school lives; maybe they steal. But it's brutal! And how would they do it without being caught? Oh yeah, Mr Raditch knew it was happening, but no one told, probably because they were afraid of what they would do next. It's nice to see Spike more happy; with Emma in daycare. We never find out if she gets a job for summer or not. Oh yeah, she helps her mom out, that could be one thing. Or maybe she had the photo place job already? I can certainly understand Alexa's frustration with the new attention Simon's getting. Especially those other girls asking "do you want to be initiated?" Ok, Simon gets exempt from initiation just because he got on a magazine? Why didn't Joey think of that? It's funny how Heather gushes about Erica's romance, and I'm surprised LD doesn't look down on her then. After all, she sure looked down on Lucy when she thought she'd slept with Paul. But maybe it's different because they didn't see Erica neglect them as friends or make promises she didn't keep. She was away while this relationship was going. And later when she confesses she could be pregnant, and Heather looks down on her for even suggesting abortion, what would Heather have suggested Erica do? We never see how they respond to Spike's pregnancy; Heather never thinks much about how that would be; just at how abortion is wrong. What could be really inconsistent is how she says, when it comes up negative, "if you ever have sex again, use a condom". If she was so concerned about what the minister said, well, premarital sex is a sin too. She should've said, ok, don't have sex again until you're married." Or maybe she then thought, well, she had sex already, so she can't abstain now. Might as well be safe then.