Degrassi High

Season 1 Episode 2

A New Start (2)

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Nov 06, 1989 on CBC

Episode Recap

At Heather and Erica's home, in the morning; Erica gets up and pulls a pregnancy test out from under the bed and goes into the bathroom; Heather prays that Erica isn't pregnant. In the bathroom, Erica waits; the test is done, she looks at it and says "Oh no... oh no" She dumps the test tube contents down the sink, then comes out and tells Heather that it was negative and she's not pregnant. Heather is happy; she goes into the bathroom and Erica sits on the bed with her head in her hands. [Opening credits] Spike arrives at school with Emma; Heather and Erica see them and again, Erica stays back, looking at Emma; Spike talks about how Emma wakes up in the middle of the night and she has no social life; Erica asks if it's horrible being pregnant and Spike says she felt like an outcast, reminding them how the PTA kicked her out of school. After Spike leaves, Heather asks Erica how she could ask Spike something like that? In English class, Mr. Walfish asks about the book that they're supposed to have read; he asks who's read the first chapter, they have, but have no comments. He tells them he wants participation, so they'll talk about something else...nuclear war, AIDS, whatever they want to discuss. Erica asks about abortion and Mr. Walfish says that there are protesters on Gerrard Street right now. The students start talking: Heather says it's murder, Lucy says it's not a baby, it's not a person; Liz says the baby has rights and Lucy retorts that it's not a baby yet. Heather tells them that her church says that it's wrong and LD says that a church shouldn't tell women what to do; Tim comments that some people can't have babies and what about them? Liz asks Spike to voice her opinion, but Spike tells Liz that just because she had a baby doesn't mean that she knows what's right. Erica listens to all the arguments but doesn't say anything. At the end of the class, Mr. Walfish tells them that this is the type of discussion he wants, but tomorrow, it should be about the book that they're supposed to read. Outside, Lucy and LD continue to argue with Liz; Lucy tells Liz that they're not pro-abortion, no one is; they're simply pro-choice. Heather asks Erica why she didn't say anything in class, thinking it's odd, since Erica was the one who started the discussion. Erica doesn't answer, she simply says that she has some stuff to do and leaves. Erica goes to the abortion clinic on Gerrard Street and sees the protesters with their signs saying it's murder. A woman comes up to her and asks if Erica is going in; another woman asks how old she is, they want her to listen to their arguments and tell her that if the clinic were there 16 years ago, she might not have been born. An old woman shows her a life-sized fetus, telling her that this is her baby. The receptionist stands in the doorway and once Erica is inside, tells her that she's safe now. Erica tells her that she wants to talk to someone about abortion. In the clinic, the counsellor explains abortion and tells Erica that someone should come with her to help her get home as she might be woozy. Erica asks if she'll be different after, if she does it; the counsellor tells her no, then adds that they're always there if she needs to talk and gives her the name and number of another counsellor. She tells Erica that they prefer it if she tells her parents, but that it's her decision, adding that it's a big decision, and she should take her time to think it over. At school, Tessa and Scooter have been walk down the hall covered in flour; there's an announcement and Joey and Wheels discuss whether it's Mr. Raditch making the announcement; Snake arrives and tells Joey that his turn at being initiated is going to come and maybe they'll make Joey walk through an assembly nude. Joey tells them that nothing is going to happen to him and walks away. He turns a corner and sees Dwayne, Tabi and Nick; he turns and runs, hiding in a girls' bathroom to avoid them. They run past and Joey comes out, telling the girls in the hallway that "when you gotta go, you gotta go!" At home, Erica is reading a book in her room; Heather comes in and says that Erica's in trouble as she missed three classes. Erica says she was at the mall, but Heather knows she is lying and wants to know what's really going on. Erica makes her promise not to tell, then admits that she lied about the second pregnancy test and that she went to a clinic and had another and is pregnant and has made an appointment for an abortion. Heather tells her that she can't have an abortion, but Erica says that she can't have a baby as she's too young; she adds that she'll pay for it out of the money that she made in the summer and their parents won't ever have to know. She reminds Heather that she promised not to tell; Heather asks about Jason and Erica insists that Jason has nothing to do with it. They start to argue, with Heather saying that it's wrong; Erica then tells Heather that she wants her to come to the clinic with her on Friday, saying that she can't do it alone. Heather says that it's wrong and she won't go, then leaves the room, ignoring Erica saying that she needs Heather there with her; Erica sits alone in the room, clutching her teddy bear, crying that she can't do it alone. At school, Joey walks down the hall; Dwayne grabs him and pulls him in a classroom, saying that Joey has been avoiding them. They make Joey roll a banana down the hall, while wearing a bra and panties outside his clothes. Students stand around, watching and laughing, then suddenly look up and run, including Dwayne, Tabi and Nick. Joey looks up and sees Mr. Raditch standing there; Joey asks what he's doing there, pointing out that he used to teach in junior high. Mr. Raditch tells Joey that he's the Vice Principal at Degrassi High now and takes Joey to the office to have a chat, telling him that it's amazing what people will do for you if you make friends in the right places. In English class, Erica leaves at the end of class; Heather stays in class a few minutes, then goes out and watches while Erica walks down the hall. She finds Spike at her locker and asks Spike if she ever thought of having an abortion; Spike says yes, she did. Heather tells her that she knows someone who is going to have an abortion and wants Spike to talk to the person and tell them that it's wrong. Spike tells Heather that it was the wrong choice for her, but it might not be for this person, and it's a very complicated situation; until you're in it, you don't know what you'll do. At the clinic; Erica approaches; the protesters are still there shouting about murder, and carrying their signs; Heather comes running around the corner and calls to Erica. She asks if Erica is sure that she doesn't want to have a baby? Erica says yes, she's sure; Heather tells Erica that what she's doing is wrong, but they're sisters and Heather can't let Erica do this alone. Erica asks if Heather is ready; they push their way through the protesters towards the steps; the protesters are trying to block the way, and the older woman shoves the plastic fetus in Erica's face, telling her to look at it. Erica is horrified, but Heather pulls her up the steps to the open door of the clinic.