Degrassi High

Season 2 Episode 4

A Tangled Web

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Nov 26, 1990 on CBC

Episode Recap

Wheels is at home, eating breakfast with his grandparents. He picks up his books and says that he's going; his grandmother wants him to put his dishes in the sink, noting that it would only take a couple of seconds. She then asks why he didn't wash the dishes last night, like he promised that he would, and when he claims that he was doing homework, she points out that he watched TV all night. She comments that it would be nice to get a little help around the house, he tells her, "You're not my mother!" and leaves for school.

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In the hallway at school, Snake is worried about his marks, and Wheels asks, "Who cares?" Joey comes up and tells them about a concert, that there's a second show and they can still get good seats. Snake says that his parents might not let him go; Joey points out that it's a special occasion, and since his car has been fixed, he'll be able to drive them to the concert. As they walk down the hall, Joey bumps into Tessa accidentally, and apologizes. Tessa tells her friend that Joey did it on purpose because he likes her, and he's always "accidentally" bumping into her.

Caitlin and Maya are in the cafeteria, having lunch, but Caitlin says that she's not hungry and doesn't want anything to eat. She's worried about her father and can't sleep because she keeps picturing her father with "that woman." She wonders if she should tell her brother, saying that might only upset him, or if she should talk to her mother. Maya suggests talking to her father and giving him a chance to explain. Caitlin says that she can't do that; she can't even look at him. At another table, Alex is staring at Tessa; Arthur comes over and comments on Tessa, saying that Alex should talk to her. Alex says that he's a nerd and everyone thinks so, and he'll just have to worship Tessa from afar. At yet another table, Snake and Joey join Wheels, and tell him their mid-term marks; Snake has an 86% average, and Joey's doing well in Special Ed. Wheels is writing something and asks them if it looks like an old person's writing? They ask what it is, and he tells them that he can't let his grandmother see his marks.

At Caitlin's house, her father says that he's going out to play squash, and he'll be late getting home, so they shouldn't wait up for him. Caitlin gives her mother her report card; her mother comments that she'll be out tomorrow night, so it will just be Caitlin and her dad for dinner tomorrow. Caitlin isn't happy about this, and her mother asks why she's so angry with her father? She adds that the problems they've been having aren't entirely his fault; she's at fault too, and she's glad that he's taken up squash so he has something new to do to take his mind off not getting a promotion at work. Caitlin asks if her mother really believes that he's playing squash, then tells her mother that she saw her dad at a restaurant with another woman, and they seemed very friendly. Her mother says, "I was hoping you wouldn't find out," which shocks Caitlin. She tells Caitlin that they've been married 20 years, and she loves him and wants to save the marriage, adding that it's a complicated situation, but it's ~her~ situation, and she wants to handle it herself. She starts to cry, and Caitlin hugs her.

Wheels comes home after school; his grandmother asks about his mid-term report card and he tells her that they don't have those any more. She accuses him of lying, and he insists that he's not. She tells him that Mr. Raditch called and is concerned about Wheels's marks, and wanted her to go over the mid-term report card with Wheels. She adds that she just doesn't know what to do with him, as he's lying all the time, he won't talk to her, and he won't talk to his social worker either about his parents. Wheels tells her that his parents died two years ago, it's over and that talking about it won't bring them back. She tells him that because he won't listen to her and he's been lying so much, he's grounded for two weeks. He can have friends over to study, but he can't go out anywhere.

At school, there's a note on Alex's locker saying "Meet me at 4 p.m. in front of the school." It's signed, "Your Secret Admirer." Arthur reads it and jokingly says that it isn't from him; Alex wonders if it's from Tessa, and Arthur says it might be. At her locker, Tessa finds the same note, and tells her friend that she's sure it's from Joey. At Wheels's locker, Joey and Snake tell him that Snake's parents are letting him go to the concert; Wheels comments that Snake is lucky to have "real" parents. He tells them that his grandmother grounded him, but he's going to go to the concert anyway, telling Snake that he wants to come over to his house tonight to study. Snake doesn't get it at first, saying that he can't because the concert is tonight, but then he understands. Joey asks Wheels if he's sure he wants to do this, and Wheels says, "Yes, I'm tired of doing what she wants, I'm going to do what I want."

At 4 p.m., Alex waits outside the school by the front doors. He asks Arthur what he should do if the note really is from Tessa; Arthur says that he should just be himself. Tessa comes out with her friend, who wishes her luck. As she waits, Tessa checks out her appearance. Alex says hi to her, and asks if she's waiting for someone, and tells her that he is too. Tessa doesn't have much to say to him at all.

Wheels tries to sneak out of the house, but his grandmother catches him. He tells her that he's going to Snake's house to study, and he's just trying to improve his marks; he can't do it alone, and Snake can help him. When she asks why Snake can't come over there, Wheels tells her that Snake's parents are really strict, and won't let him go out on school nights. She finally agrees to let him go out, but tells him to be home by 11 p.m. Wheels meets Joey and Snake at the car, and comments that he's late because his grandmother was nagging at him. As they drive away, Joey tells them that he knows a great short-cut. Snake wants to take the main roads, but Joey just tells him not to worry.

Alex and Tessa wait outside the school. A few students come out of the school, but other than that, there aren't any people around. Alex asks if Tessa is sure that he's not the person that she's waiting for, and she insists that he's not. They sit there, silently waiting.

In the middle of nowhere, Joey is looking under the hood of the car; it broke down again. Joey says that he can fix it; Wheels comments that he thought that it ~was~ fixed. Wheels tries to start it, and at first it won't start, but after tinkering with it some more, they get the car started, only to have it stop again. Snake comments that it's starting to rain. Wheels wonders what they're going to do; Snake looks around at the emptiness and comments that he thinks he's seen this in a horror movie once.

Caitlin comes home; her dad is working on the computer and asks where she was, and why she didn't call to say that she'd be late. Caitlin says that she just forgot to call. He tells her that he cooked a special dinner, and there were a lot of other things that he could have been doing instead. Caitlin asks him, "Like what? Work? Playing squash? Or eating dinner with a special friend?" She tells him that she knows he's seeing another woman; her father claims that he doesn't know what she's talking about. Caitlin calls him a liar and runs upstairs. Her father follows her, saying that he wants to talk, but Caitlin tells him that she has nothing to talk about with him, ever.

At night in the middle of nowhere, Joey, Snake and Wheels wait for the tow truck, and wonder if the guy who drove by really called it or not. Snake suggests that they should start walking, but Joey doesn't want to leave his car. Wheels asks why not, adding that it's just a piece of junk anyway. Joey and Wheels start to argue over who's fault it is that they're stuck there, with Wheels saying that it's all Joey's fault that they're stuck, because it's his car, and it's his fault that the car wasn't fixed properly, and he was the one who wanted to take the back roads. Joey says that Wheels never takes responsibility for anything, and it's his own fault that he got grounded and is now going to be late getting home. Wheels leaves, saying that he's had enough; Snake tries to stop him, but Joey says that they should let him go, and adds that he's sick of Wheels and all his lying. The tow truck arrives, and Snake yells for Wheels to come back; he does, but is clearly still very angry at Joey.

Wheels sneaks into the house; it's 1:30 a.m. His grandmother is waiting up for him, and asks how the concert was; she called Snake's house when Wheels didn't come home on time, and found out the truth. Wheels says that he doesn't have to tell her everything, and adds again that she's not his mother. She tells him that she's not, and she's glad that his mother isn't there to see what he's becoming, telling him that he's selfish. Wheels apologizes, but she says that she doesn't believe that he's sorry, and then tells him that she can't control him, but it is her house, and she doesn't want him living there any more. She turns off the lights and goes to bed.

At school, Alex lies and tells Arthur that when he and Tessa started talking, they couldn't stop and they have so much in common. Wheels talks to Joey in the hall and apologizes about the fight; he says that he knows it wasn't Joey's fault, and he's sorry, then adds that his grandmother kicked him out. He asks if he can stay at Joey's house; Joey looks uncertain about this, and says that he's not sure that his parents would like it, and it's a really small house. Wheels points out that he doesn't have anywhere to go; Joey wants to know if this is the reason that he apologized? Wheels says that it won't be for long, because he's sure that his grandmother is just trying to teach him a lesson. Joey agrees to talk to his parents and ask. As Joey starts to walk away, Wheels comments that he doesn't understand what his grandmother's problem is, and it's not like he did anything really wrong. Joey looks back at him, and shakes his head; Wheels is surprised and asks, "What? Do you think this is ~my~ fault?"