Degrassi High

Season 2 Episode 4

A Tangled Web

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Nov 26, 1990 on CBC

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  • Wheels lies to his grandma and gets grounded. Joey gets him, Wheels and Snake tickets to a concert. Wheels tells his grandma he needs to study with Snake, and it backfires. Caitlin blows up at her dad about the affair. Alex has a crush on Tessa.

    Last season it appeared that Wheels was more settled into the changes in his life; back in school, going to counselling, and living a normal life. But now it appears he's back to the way he was. With lying, and sneaking around. But he's gotten good at it. I also have to applaud Grandma for standing up to him, and acting like his mother would; to ground him. I guess now that he's 16/17, it's too late to put him in a group home? And so typical that then Joey's car would break down and they wouldn't get to go to the concert after all. The part with Caitlin was painful. Here; she says "should I tell my brother?" Yet, where was the brother in the family picture? I would guess, at least after watching this episode the first time, that he was out of high school and going to college or something. After all, the parents have only been married 20 years. It was a tearjerking moment when Caitlin saw her mom break down and cry, and they hug. The part with Alex and Tessa was kinda funny. I always thought Arthur wrote the notes, but it didn't look like guy writing. Maybe he got Stephanie to do it? But this season we don't see much of Arthur's life. But it's kinda nice to see that after that, Alex and Tessa find they have a lot in common. Like both having cheated on Mr Websters tests? But it's sweet that Tessa would see him as a potential boyfriend when before he was just a nerd to use for homework.
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