Degrassi High

Season 1 Episode 11

All in a Good Cause

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jan 16, 1990 on CBC

Episode Recap

Caitlin and Claude are at school, wearing matching jackets. They talk about how after classes, they will hand out flyers for the People for Peace rally, and then go there to do more. They kiss goodbye.

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In the halls, Caitlin is handing out flyers, saying "come to the rally, support People for Peace". In the classroom, one student talks about the car wash fundraiser for a children's charity, and how another class compete to raise more money. And whoever loses has to be the other's slaves. Arthur comes up with a chamois to help make the cars stay cleaner, and Luke calls him a nerd. Arthur asks him why, adding "you can't call me that without backing it up". Luke says how Arthur always does everything by the book, and doesn't take chances. Arthur tries to argue that he does indeed take chances sometimes.

As they leave, Maya asks Caitlin if she is coming to the car wash. Caitlin says no; she and Claude are helping with People for Peace. Maya asks what charity is more important, and Caitlin says saving kids is pointless when the world's going to blow up anyway. Maya then is sarcastic, saying this is the usual for her lately. Mentions how "we were going to go to the movies, but you couldn't, because Claude wanted to see a foreign film. And we were supposed to go canvassing with Melanie and them, but you couldn't, because Claude wanted you to help him with the flyers". Caitlin tries to protest, but Maya insists that she is neglecting friends for a boyfriend, before she wheels away.

Claude is confronted by a girl in his class, wondering when they're going to get together to work on this art project. To his answer "later", she mocks him for his latest cause. How last year it was "save the whales" and next year will probably be "penguins are people too". And "my only question is, who's gonna do this stuff?" Claude gives in by asking her to give him the stuff and he'll finish it. Just as Caitlin is coming by, and when she asks what's going on, Claude says "nothing."

Meanwhile, Scott sees Kathleen and asks her if he can drive her home. She says no, tells him to leave her alone, and walks away.

At Caitlin's house, she and Claude come in and greet her mom. She asks if he can stay for supper and she says yes. Mom asks how things went at People for Peace. They had stuffed envelopes, and Mom says that's great; sometimes they do the little stuff, sometimes the big stuff. She talks of how she was once arrested for chaining herself to a fence in a protest, and how it's good they are taking a stand. Claude takes that as approval to do something more.

At school the next day, Claude and Caitlin are talking, and Claude keeps talking about how he wants to do something meaningful. He wonders about spray-painting messages at the factory where they make the weapons. Caitlin wonders if it's nice, and he asks "are nuclear weapons nice?" He talks about Martin Luther King, and others throughout history who stood for what's right, and weren't afraid to get caught. He even mentions the Chicago 7, and hedges when Caitlin asks who they were and what they did. Maya rides by, shaking her head.

At the car wash, students are talking about making extra money in bets, towards toilet-papering Mr Webster's tree. One says that's mean, since he's sick. Luke says how about Mr Raditch's tree? Arthur says he'll go tonight. Someone else says they need proof, and Tessa says she has a camera. Luke says she can go with Arthur, and Arthur insists that Yick go with him. "Unless you're chicken." Yick agrees. They continue to wash cars, including Mr Raditch's, and throw water at each other.

Caitlin tells Claude, after he says he's doing it with or without her, that she'll do it. That the message of nuclear weapons being wrong is most important. Meanwhile, Kathleen tells Melanie that she'll meet her at her place, but needs to go home first. Scott is hiding in a corner and overhears.

Kathleen is walking home, and Scott comes along. He offers her a gift, she says she doesn't want it. Scott starts to get agitated, and keeps insisting he did all this for her, and is this the thanks he gets? He begins to beat her again, and knocks her to the ground. She cries, he leaves.

At night, Caitlin is waiting around for Claude. He finally comes, saying it took forever for his parents to fall asleep. They go in over the fence and begin spraying.

Arthur and Yick walk to Mr Raditch's house, checking the address. They find that there's no tree, so they toilet-paper the bush. Yick takes the picture, and Mr Raditch opens his door. They run, and he runs after them in his bathrobe.

Caitlin and Claude are done, and trying to exit quietly. Claude gets over the fence, but Caitlin doesn't make it over before a security guard comes. Caitlin asks him to help; she's stuck. The guard comes and gets Caitlin and Claude runs away.

The next school day, Kathleen is walking to school with her arm in a sling. Scott catches up with her, asking why she had to call the police on him. "How could you do this to me?" Kathleen throws the question back at him, pointing to her arm. Scott starts to apologize and begs her to drop the charges. Kathleen tells him to stay away from her, or else she'll do it again.

In the classroom, the pictures are being shown, and the class has won the bet, and the other class's students are their slaves. Everyone cheers for Arthur and Yick, until Mr Raditch comes in and they get quiet immediately. Mr Raditch congratulates them on their winnings, and then quietly asks Arthur and Yick to come over after school and "clean up some paper".

After class, Claude comes by Caitlin's locker, and she walks away. He follows her, asking what happened. She says she was charged with trespassing, and has to go to court. She asks why he ran, since he's so not afraid of getting caught. He says his parents wouldn't be happy, and she says "you think mine were?" He uses her mom's arrest against her, and Caitlin gets mad and walks away.
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