Degrassi High

Season 1 Episode 11

All in a Good Cause

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jan 16, 1990 on CBC



  • Trivia

  • Quotes

    • Claude: I'm not afraid. Martin Luther King didn't worry about getting caught, or Che Guevara, or the Chicago 7.
      Caitlin: Who were the Chicago 7?
      Claude: Well....they were 7 guys from Chicago....and they did really radical things.
      Caitlin: Like what?
      Claude: Like.....lots of things!

  • Notes

    • -The actual Polaroid photos of Arthur (Duncan Waugh) toilet papering Mr. Raditch's house were up for sale on Ebay eariler this year. I got outbid....

    • -It's UNICEF week at Degrassi. The classes have a contest to see who can raise the most money. Loser has to be slaves to the winner.

    • Kathleen is beaten up twice by Scott yet she only presses charges after the second time

    • Unlike this episode and "Nobody's Perfect" they show a guy beating a girl up.In the new one Degrassi:TNG they don't do that

  • Allusions

    • Historical Reference: Claude talks about the Chicago Seven, but has no idea who they were. The Chicago Seven (originally Eight) were a group of militant anti-war protesters arrested in 1968 and charged with attempting to incite a riot at the Democratic National Convention, among other things. Five were convicted at trial, but that decision was reversed on appeal.

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