Degrassi High

Season 2 Episode 1

Bad Blood (1)

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Nov 05, 1990 on CBC

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  • Joey wants to buy a car.


    "Bad Blood" Part 1 is a great season premiere episode for Degrassi High. I love how Joey wants to buy a car, so he needs money to buy it. I love how he walks across the cafeteria naked just to get the money. I love how everyone has this fascination with new condom machine. I love how Lucy filmed everybody's reaction to it. I hated how B.L.T all of sudden wanted to break up with Michelle. The end of this episode is shocking with Dwayne's summer girlfriend calls saying she's HIV positive. I give this episode 9/10.

  • Joey falls in love with a car while Michelle's boyfriend is cheating on her.

    This episode is all kinds of awesome. You know a show is quality when you watch it twenty years later and it still delivers the same impact and quality.

    The writers of this show have always known how to deliver realistic storyline with decent young actors to deliver a show with a lot of themes. Look at this episode for example. We see Joey's love for a three thousand dollar car that probably won't even take him to school. Dwayne is the typical Bully who will get what he deserves at the end. We see a lowlife in Blt cheating on his girlfriend, but then plans to take the cheap way out by dumping his girlfriend Michelle. The actress who plays Michelle Maureen Mckay was very beautiful surprised she didn't do more acting roles. The whole bit with condom machines was funny. It just never catches on, even when I was in school, they had these things, and you know it never will curtail teen pregnancy nor Aids.

    This episode is very well done lays down a couple of story arcs minus the issues with Caitlin finding about her Dad's affair, and Derek's relationship with his grandparents.
  • Joey puts money down on a car, and fundraises by walking across the cafeteria naked. Dwayne brags about a girl he slept with in summer; his friends don't believe him. BLT got a new girlfriend and keeps her secret. Condoms in school bathrooms.

    So typical of Joey to "need" a car to get through special ed. And good to see how he has to get along with Dwayne now. I want to see Dwayne be a guest speaker in DTNG. I was mad to see BLT with a new girlfriend, and all I could think of to come was, Michelle's dad saying "I told you they'd best stay with their own" once he finds out she's black. And poor Michelle. I love the way she handles it, though, and talks about her trip. Though, I wonder how she managed to get enough time off work; another student must've taken her place or something. Glad they put in an update on LD; and a good one too. I'd hoped she'd make a guest appearance, but maybe Amanda Cook wouldn't have wanted to get short hair in order to make it more realistic; like hair slowly growing back. The condom machines being destroyed, so typical of Dwayne and friends, and interesting how Lucy asks everyone about them. I don't know if I saw all the feedback, but I never heard any view of, the side of "having condoms so accessible will just encourage kids to have sex". Though I've since learned that one condom from the machine costs half the price of 10 condoms from the store. So, take your pick. Joey's fundraiser is just funny, and well-plotted. Obviously it took away the awkwardness between Wheels and Heather. And Dwayne telling on him when he's on probation? And then hearing the painful news. But we don'ts see much else with his home-life; just his dad telling him Penny called, and there's pizza there for him.
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