Degrassi High

Season 2 Episode 2

Bad Blood (2)

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Nov 12, 1990 on CBC

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  • Dwayne finds out he's HIV positive.


    "Bad Blood" Part 2 is an amazing Degrassi High episode. In this episode, Dwayne finds out he's HIV positive. It's so sad how Dwayne finds this out. Joey versus Dwayne fight in the bathroom was awesome. It was so intense how they both started bleeding, and Dwayne couldn't continue fighting because he doesn't want Joey near his blood. I love how Dwayne just told Joey the truth. And I love how Joey and Dwayne become friends after this moment. B.L.T. was such a jerk for breaking up with Michelle. I give this episode a 9.5/10.

  • Joey is mad because he owes everyone. Dwayne finds out he's HIV positive, and beats up the condom machine. Wheels catches him and tells Joey to use it against him, and it works. BLT breaks up with Michelle and Alexa tells her about his girlfriend Cindy.

    I too wonder how Joey managed to get the car and pay everyone back. Maybe some were nice to him? Anyway, most interesting how he got paid off by Dwayne, and yet as a result, wasn't all that excited about it. I love how Wheels caught Dwayne beating up the condom machine; that's the second time he's done that; the first was when he saw Lucy almost get a kiss from Mr Colby a few seasons ago. Wheels the spy; I like it. The part with Michelle and BLT breaking up, it hurts. Break-ups always hurt. And it didn't take long before everyone knew; BLT had sword Cindy to secrecy before, and probably avoided Simon and Alexa to some degree to keep them from finding out. But once it was done, Cindy didn't take long to brag about it. I loved watching Michelle then throw milk at BLT and call him a pig and a liar. One day on some show, I want to see someone call someone a liar and take out a lighter and set their pants on fire. But that probably wouldn't happen on a teen show. Awww, Emma's so cute. And wow; how Spike will then willingly say condom machines are necessary since some kids will have sex anyway. Yet, in DTNG, would she say the same thing now that Emma's a teenager? Good that they brought in real-life guys with AIDS, and answering some good questions. If they were to do that on DTNG, Dwayne should be featured in that. Oh, and Tabi and Nick then stop bugging Dwayne about Penny; I'm guessing they break up by drifting apart. That's gotta be awkward to stay with a partner who unknowingly gave you a disease, or with one who you gave a disease.