Degrassi High

Season 2 Episode 5

Body Politics

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Dec 03, 1990 on CBC

Episode Recap

Lucy sets up the video camera in her bedroom and talks to LD, telling her that the semi-formal dance is 2 weeks away, but, as usual, Lucy doesn't have a date. She says that she knows that she's opinionated, mouthy even, and that might be intimidating to guys, but there must be a guy out there who could appreciate that. She has to leave for school, but promises to update LD on everyone else's love life.

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In the hallway at school, students talk about the semi-formal, Erica tells Lucy about her dress, then offers to set Lucy up with a guy, but Heather says he's a jerk, and Lucy shouldn't even think about going with him. They talk about volleyball, and say that they really want to win their next game, or any game. Lucy bumps into Dale, a good looking boy, and they both drop their books. As they pick them up, he tells her that he's seen her around, and he knows that her name is Lucy. As they walk away, the twins tell Lucy that she should go to the dance with Dale, because he seems to like her, but Lucy just says that a guy that good looking is probably booked to the year 2000.

Liz sits down to eat lunch, and Patrick comes over. He tells her about a band that's playing at a local club, and asks if she'd like to go with him to see them. She's not sure, but he tells her that he's just asking her to go as a friend, then asks if they're still friends. She says that they are, but she'll have to think about going out with him to see the band.

Alexa waits outside the school, looking for Michelle, who walks up. Alexa asks if Michelle wants to hang out sometime, just the two of them. Michelle thinks about it, then says she's free on Tuesday; Alexa tells her that Tuesday's not good for her because Simon invited her over for dinner. Michelle is upset, and asks why Alexa even bothers asking, since she's always doing something with Simon anyway?

Lucy's at her locker; Dale comes up and asks if she has a date for the semi-formal, and asks her to go with him. She says yes, and is amazed that he asked her, and even more when he hands her a flower before leaving. She catches up with the twins, and shows them the flower, telling them that Dale asked her to the dance. Another girl comes up and tells them that their girls' volleyball practice has been changed to early morning; they look at the schedule, and discover that the boys' basketball team now has their afternoon practice time, and all of their practices are in the morning. None of the girls are happy about this, and Lucy says that they should protest.

Spike is studying in the library; Liz tells her that Patrick asked her to go see a band at Lee's Palace, but she wanted to check it out with Spike first. Spike says that ~she~ broke up with Patrick, and if Liz wants to go, she should. Liz comments that she'd really love to go, because she loves live music. Spike looks unhappy about the situation, but tells her to have fun.

In the gym, the girls set up the volleyball net; the boys come in for basketball practice and want to know what's going on? Lucy tells them that the girls are protesting, since the boys' team gets everything: new uniforms, new equipment and the best practice time. BLT tells her that they don't make the rules, and it's not their practice time any more. The girls want to talk to the captain of the basketball team; it turns out that Dale is the captain. When Dale steps forward to talk, Lucy steps back, and stands behind the other girls, hoping that Dale won't see her. Dale tells them that there's nothing the boys can do, and the girls should talk to the head of the Phys Ed department. The girls say that it's sexism, and the boys get everything while the girls get nothing; Dale says it's nothing to do with sexism, it's just that the basketball team stands a good chance of winning and no one cares about girls volleyball. The fight is on with that, and everyone shouts their point of view while Lucy fades into the background. Dale tells the guys to take down the volleyball net.

In her bedroom, Lucy talks to the video camera and tells LD what happened, and that she doesn't think that Dale saw her there. She adds that she knows she should have said something, but she just doesn't want to blow it with Dale, as he's cute, and she wants him to like her.

Liz and Spike walk to the park; Liz tells Spike about the band, and that they were fabulous. Spike asks if Patrick walked her home afterwards; Liz comments that he did and he's always a gentleman. Spike then asks if he kissed her good night? Liz wants to know what's going on, and she thought that Spike was okay with her going out as friends with Patrick. Spike says that she's not okay with her best friend going out with her very recent ex-boyfriend; Liz points out that Spike said she was. They start to argue, and Spike says that Liz should have known that she was lying when she said she was okay with it; Liz counters that by saying that best friends don't lie.

Alexa and Simon walk to school and talk about the up-coming dance. Simon suggests that they rent a limo to share with BLT and Cindy. Michelle walks by them without saying anything; Alexa comments to Simon that she misses spending time with Michelle.

Lucy talks to the twins, and tries to back out of the volleyball fight. But the twins won't let her, saying it was her idea. Lucy talks to Bronco, and tells him that the girls are upset about the change in the practice schedule. He says she should talk to the Phys Ed department; she already has, and they won't do anything. She asks him to see if he can do anything about it as Student Body President. Later on, she reports back to the twins, telling them that Bronco said that he'd bring it up at the student council meeting, and he wants someone to put forward the girls' position. Lucy wants one of the twins to do the speaking, but won't tell them why she's unwilling to do it herself.

Spike is in the library; Patrick comes in and asks her what's going on? Spike says that she could ask him the same thing, explaining that of all the girls he could have asked out, he chose her best friend, and that was slimy of him to use Liz to get back at her. Patrick says that he likes Liz, and doesn't want Spike meddling in his business, because now Liz won't even eat lunch with him. Spike points out that maybe Liz won't eat with him because she just doesn't like him. Patrick points out that Spike dumped him, and he can go out with whomever he wants. He adds, "You may be a mother, but you've got a lot of growing up to do," and leaves.

The boys come in to the student council meeting, and then the girls arrive. Dale talks to Lucy, joking that they have to stop meeting like this; he doesn't know why she's there. Bronco starts the meeting with the sports issue, and Dale speaks on behalf of the boys, saying that the boys' team deserves the practice time in the afternoon because they stand an excellent chance of winning the season; they need new equipment and uniforms because they're representing the school, and have to look good for the school's image, and finally adding that no one cares about the girls' teams anyway, no one's interested in girls' sports. Lucy stands up and points out that the guys get more get more attention because they get more promotion; she also says that the school upholding outdated and sexist traditions; Dale doesn't seem too happy about what she's saying.

In her bedroom, Lucy talks to the video camera, and tells LD that the girls won the vote, but then Dale backed out of taking her to the dance, using a lame excuse about having to go to his aunt's house that night. Lucy says that she supposes she should be proud for standing up for what she believes in, and she ~is~ proud of doing that, but... She starts to cry, and admits that she really wanted to go to the stupid dance.

Alexa approaches Michelle at her locker; Michelle tells her to go away. Alexa asks if Michelle is still free on Tuesday, she should come over to her house. Alexa admits that she can see Simon any time, and that she misses gossiping with Michelle. Michelle says that she's missed it too, and then, at the same time, they both apologize and say, "It was all my fault!"

Bronco waits for Lucy in the hallway, and tells her that he spoke to the Principal who said he'd consider things for next year, but this year he wants everyone behind the boys' basketball team, supporting them. Lucy thanks him for trying and starts to walk away; he follows her, telling her that she was great at the student council meeting. He then asks if she has a date for the semi-formal dance; Lucy says that she doesn't go to dances, and then asks why he wants to know? He asks if she'd like to go with him, but warns that he's not much of a dancer; Lucy tells him that she'll take her chances. They walk down the hall arm-in-arm, smiling.
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