Degrassi High

Season 2 Episode 5

Body Politics

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Dec 03, 1990 on CBC

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  • Lucy finally has a date for the dance, but is it too good to be true?


    "Body Politics" is a great Degrassi High episode. In this episode, Lucy is depressed, so when Dale asks her out she's super happy about it. This episode is about sexism. In this episode, the boys team is treated better than the girls team. It was awful how Lucy just wanted a love life and now that she has one, she doesn't want to stand up for what she believes in because she doesn't want to mess things up with this guy. I love how she still voiced her opinion and in the end Lucy has a lot in common with Bronco. I love how Alexa and Michelle make up in this episode. I give this episode a 8.5/10.

  • In this episode Lucy and her friends want her volleyball team to get the same treatment as boys sports teams.

    This is a great episode about sexism and making a decision about who you want to be with.

    Lucy is doing a video for school. She's a very beautiful black girl but no one has asked her to the dance. She takes an interest in Dale a white guy on the sports team. There seems to be a mutual attraction until Dale shows himself to be a sexist pig opposed to the girls having a sports team. This causes Lucy to make a personal decision to sacrifice her morals to be with a guy, or make a stand and lose a guy that might be her.

    In the end, she makes the right decision, a decision that most girls would not make. Part of this episode is obviously part fiction with a sitcom like ending, but it's a decent episode that again presents another theme to take a look and does it well.
  • Dale asks Lucy to the dance, and Lucy is excited because she hasn't dated in awhile. He breaks the date when she stands up for equal rights for sports teams. Bronco then asks her out. Alexa tries to make up with Michelle. Patrick asks Liz out.

    First question; what happened to Clutch? They never say how they broke up; I could make up fan fiction on that, like him not liking her feminist horror movie, or her wanting to know his real name and him not telling her. Dale is a real smooth charmer, and I guess Lucy's feeling unattractive must be getting to her, as normally I'd think why would she want a guy who talks so derogatory about others? I loved the way the twins would say "because we're girls, don't you know".Yes; men's sports are more featured, but that doesn't mean women's sports are nothing. And I can so know how Lucy feels. The dilemma. I wondered also, who were the twins going with? Was Erica still with Blaine? And what about Heather? I loved it when Bronco then told Lucy how he loved her speech, and he then asked her out. They make a nice couple. The part with Spike and Liz and Patrick implies their breakup, and it was Spike's idea, but we never know why. Whether it was just she doesn't like him, or because she felt bad because of having to break dates for Emma. Also, it implies that the next episode should've been first, especially when Spike sarcastically remarked "did he kiss you goodnight?" And Liz makes it clear that it's for the music and that it's just as friends. But she should've told Liz how she felt. It doesn't say how recent their breakup is, but Patrick sure hit it on the line, by saying she has no right to tell him who to date. It's a difficult situation either way. But I think Spike does learn from it eventually, in helping Emma when Craig asks Manny, instead of her, to dance, in DTNG. I was glad to see Alexa and Michelle making up, and her and Simon also communicating about it. I actually saw School's Out before I finally saw this episode, so I laughed when Michelle said to Alexa "go marry him or something", because eventually she does.