Degrassi High

Season 1 Episode 3

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Nov 13, 1989 on CBC

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  • Michelle's parents are separating. She stays with her dad and her mom tries to see her at school and she finds out it's not what it seems. The Zits want to do a video, and Lucy is the only one they know with a camera. Things backfire.

    This episode shows how complicated a marriage breakup can be. And how many interesting situations there are. We learn that Simon's parents are divorced, and that in his mind, "things got better after". We learn that Alexa had an uncle and aunt divorce due to one having an affair. And in Michelle's situation, we learn that it can happen rather quickly after not much warning. It also shows that parent-child loyalty is one thing that sticks. If not, then Michelle would've taken advantage of her dad's helplessness in household duties. She would've told him, okay dad, if you want me to stay and help you with this, you had better let me date BLT. If not, I'm going to live with Mom. But it was coupled with the shock that her mom had been having an affair. BLT had to learn about it too; how torn Michelle is, and how it's not all about him. The situation with the Zits, Joey had to learn it's not all about him. The girls in bikinis, for one, he had to learn that there is a cost to it, and not all girls will do it. Caitlin calling him a chauvinist and walking away? That's not a good way to relate to your boyfriend; a sign that they were on the outs. I think this may be the last time we see LD at school as well; with a strong personality. The part with Erica and Heather's post-abortion deal, it's a weird mystery. Seems Heather is still more disturbed about it than Erica is. And talking in your sleep is normal; it would be after any stressful thing. The way Heather said she asked Spike for advice, but then said "she's not a gossip". But she is close to Liz, and Liz was very outspoken about being anti-abortion. But how would they figure it out?