Degrassi High

Season 1 Episode 3

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Nov 13, 1989 on CBC



  • Trivia

    • Trivia: After considering various names in A New Start (1), The Zit Remedy officially becomes The Zits in this episode.

    • Production Goof: The sign mounted next to the front door of the school that reads "Degrassi High" is very amateurish, and not remotely realistic.

    • Trivia: One of the books Michelle was looking at in the library was Divorce And The American Family. While the show takes place in Canada, it would not be unusual for a book about American families to be in the library.

    • Trivia: Michelle and her dad eat boxed macaroni and cheese, and her dad raves several times about how delicous it is and acts like it was difficult to prepare, showing how much he relied on his wife to do all the cooking and the effects of her sudden departure.

  • Quotes

    • Michelle: Dad can't do laundry and he can't cook. So what's gonna happen to him if I live with Mom?
      BLT: That's his problem, not yours.
      Michelle: But he's helpless.
      BLT: So you're going to stay with him and be his wife?

    • Alexa: My mother says men can't deal with their emotions.
      Michelle: My father doesn't have emotions.

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