Degrassi High

Season 2 Episode 6

Crossed Wires

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Dec 10, 1990 on CBC

Episode Recap

In her bedroom, Liz is asleep and having a bad dream of when she was young and her mother's boyfriend sexually abused her. In the dream he comes to her room and tells her not to make noise or else she'll wake her mother and make her angry. He sits down beside her on the bed...

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At school, BLT and Cindy pass Michelle. Tim comments to Snake that he wonders if "she" will go out with him, and Snake tells him to go for it, they've been buddies forever. Tim goes in to class and asks Liz if she would like to go to a Pogues concert with him. She looks confused and then says that she has too much to do.

Alex and Tess talk, then Alex tells Arthur and Yick that he and Tessa went out and stayed out late, but he didn't know if he should kiss her good night or not, he thought he was getting signals but wasn't sure, so he didn't kiss her. Tessa tells her friend that she's upset that Alex didn't kiss her, everything about the date was perfect except for that. Her friends suggests that Tessa should kiss Alex the next time they go out, but Tessa is afraid of being too forward.

Spike tells Liz that she should go see the Pogues with Tim, since she loves them and then says it's just Tim, you've known him forever. She tells Liz that she should go ask Tim if he still has the ticket. Liz approaches Tim and asks if he still has the ticket; Snake says of course he still does; Liz then says that she'd like to go to the concert with him, but just as friends. After Liz leaves, Snake gives Tim back the ticket.

Dwayne is sitting in the cafeteria; his friends come in but he doesn't want to do anything with them. Joey is getting a drink from the vending machine, and they go over to start bugging him, but Dwayne tells them to leave Joey alone; they can't figure out why Dwayne is taking Joey's side in things.

At night, Alex and Tessa walk home from the movie, she turns up to her house, and they continue to talk about how great the movie was. They stand at her front door, and Alex is obviously nervous; Tessa is looking at him, waiting for him to kiss her. He starts to move towards her as if to kiss her, but then suddenly pulls back, and says that he has to go home. Tessa looks disappointed, and goes into the house, angry.

Liz and Tim walk home from the concert, and talk about how great it was. They get to Liz's house; she thanks him for the evening, and Tim moves forward to kiss her. Liz freaks out, and starts screaming for him to get away from her and leave her alone, then goes in the house and slams the door. Inside, she slumps down on the floor, then reaches up and locks the door. Outside, Tim stands there, looking shocked and not knowing what to do. He shouts through the door that he's sorry.

In bed, Liz is having another bad dream, talking in her sleep, saying, "No, get out of my room, you're hurting me." In the dream, she sees her mother's boyfriend approaching her bed; he sits down and tells the younger version of her that he just wants to kiss her, adding that she can't tell anyone, and it's their little secret. Liz wakes up, still saying "No."

At school, Tim tells Snake about how his date with Liz ended; Snake agrees that it's weird. Liz comes up the stairs, and Tim apologizes but she doesn't want to talk about it, and tells him to leave her alone. Snake is surprised and Tim says he doesn't know why she's being like this. At Spike's locker, she asks Liz about the concert; Liz is upset just says everything was fine, but doesn't want to talk about it. She's clearly angry, and Spike can't figure out why Liz is being this way.

In the music room, Tim plays the piano, and Spike comes in. Tim goes to talk to her, and asks if Liz said anything about the date. Spike says no, and asks what happened, noting that Liz is acting weird. Tim tells her what happened when he tried to kiss Liz; Spike asks, "What do you mean, kiss?" and Tim tells her that he was just going to give her a peck on the cheek. Tim tells Spike that he wouldn't hurt a fly, and he wants Spike to tell Liz that he's sorry, because Liz won't talk to him at all.

Liz studies in the library, Spike comes in and tells her that Tim is sorry, but Liz still won't talk about it. Spike tells her that Tim is really upset about what happened; Liz accuses Spike of being on Tim's side. Spike asks what the problem is, and says that a little kiss good night is okay. Liz gets angry, and sarcastically tells Spike that it's easy to see how she got pregnant, which upsets Spike. Spike wants to know what's really going on, saying that she just wants to help, and they're friends so should be able to talk. Liz just says that she can't tell her, so Spike leaves.

Tessa is in the hall, waiting. Alex comes along and she tells him that they need to talk, and pulls him into the empty music room. She tells him that it's obvious that he doesn't like her; Alex wonders what he did, and Tessa tells him, "Nothing. That's the point." She asks why he didn't kiss her. Alex says that he didn't know if she wanted him to or not; she says all the signs were there, and that's what makes it obvious that they just can't communicate, so they should call it quits now. Alex takes off his glasses and kisses her, then tells her that he'll see her in class and leaves. Tessa looks happy.

In the parking lot, Joey works on his car and Dwayne's friends walk by and throw things at him, which he ignores. Dwayne comes over and asks where Joey's friends are, then asks what the problem is with the car, and helps Joey fix it. Joey asks Dwayne how things are going; Dwayne sarcastically says that he loves being HIV-positive, adding that sometimes he dreams that he doesn't have the virus, but then he wakes up and he still has it, and he wants to kill himself. When Joey tells him not to say things like that, Dwayne asks what difference it makes, since he's going to die anyway? He then tells Joey that he's the only one who knows, and he hasn't even told his parents yet, adding that his father would kill him if he knew. Joey, without thinking, says, "You wouldn't have to do it yourself," then realizes what he's just said and apologizes, but Dwayne doesn't seem to mind. Dwayne laughs over what Joey said, then tells him to try the car, and it starts. Joey offers him a lift home.

Spike plays with Emma in the back yard. Liz comes over and tells Spike that she was right about best friends being able to talk, then wants to tell Spike why they moved here. Liz tells Spike that when she was 9, her mom had a boyfriend whom she was going to marry; her mom was working nights, and when Liz was alone with the boyfriend, he made her sit in his lap, then touch him, "and other stuff." Spike is shocked but supportive; Liz says that he told her that it was her fault and if she told anyone they'd be angry and not believe her. Her mom found out eventually, and wasn't mad, but that's why they moved here. She adds that whenever a guy gets too close... then says that most of the time she can forget, but sometimes she has dreams where she can see her mother's boyfriend coming into her bedroom, and she can feel him on top of her, and how heavy he is, and that she can't move. She puts her head on Spike's shoulder and says that she feels dirty. Spike suggests that Liz should talk to someone who can help, but Liz just repeats that she feels dirty.

At school in the morning, Yick and Arthur see Alex walk up, holding hands with Tessa. Alex calls over to them, telling them that it's official, that he and Tessa are going steady, then he kisses her. In the school, Liz talks to Tim in the music room; she apologizes for over-reacting, and says that he didn't do anything wrong. She tells him that she's just shy of relationships right now, but they agree that they're friends again.