Degrassi High

Season 1 Episode 4

Dream On

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Nov 20, 1989 on CBC

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  • Arthur has a crush on Caitlin.


    "Dream On" is a good Degrassi High episode. I didn't like the "A" plot, but I loved the subplot. I could care less if Arthur has a crush on Caitlin. I realize he isn't my favourite character, but I find he's given the most useless plots. I would rather have Arthur have a crush on a girl that likes him back. This is the beginning of Caitlin being interested in the awful Claude character. I love the subplot in this episode. I love how Kathleen and Melanie can never get to their lockers because of bullies. I love how Kathleen uses her angriest voice and she tells off the the bullies. That's one of her best moments on the show. I give this episode a 8/10.

  • Arthur has a crush on Caitlin, and has dreams about her. But he always wakes up before they can kiss. In reality she is not interested in him. Kathleen and Melanie have trouble getting to their lockers because of bullies.

    Arthur's crush is hilarious! And so realistic that the good part he never gets to. He handles it well, though. Puts the energy into their project. Caitlin kissing him on the cheek, that was totally wrong of her; she could've led him on. Okay, just my own personal pet peeve. The part with the band, it's funny how careful "sacrifices" can be made. But all their excuses are good. Wheels needed to be in counselling, and Snake shouldn't have to give up seeing his grandparents or whatever he was doing. And Joey's date with Caitlin, well, it shows all the difficulty in balancing life, which is the life of a performer. Good prelude. If I knew someone like Kathleen in the locker scene, boy, would I be proud! Someone's got to stand up for bullies who do that. And Kathleen's new boyfriend, well, Scott wasn't showing his bad side yet; just being totally charming. Playing into her longing for a boyfriend, to catch up in growing up. And the ironic thing is, he encourages her to try out for the play too.......
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