Degrassi High

Season 1 Episode 5

Everybody Wants Something

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Nov 27, 1989 on CBC

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  • The Zits film their music video.


    "Everybody Wants Something" is an awesome Degrassi High episode. I love how Joey finally convinced Lucy to film The Zit's music video. I loved the music video. It was funny and some parts were just so adorable. I felt so bad for Erica in this episode. Now, I like the character Liz, but she went to far in this episode. It was awful how she was torturing Erica calling her a baby killer. First of all, it was none Liz's business that Erica got an abortion. Second of all, Erica already felt bad about the abortion. She just wants to move on, but she can't if Liz keeps bringing it up. I give this episode a 9/10.

  • The Zits make their video despite changes in the script, and Lucy's hesitation to be in Clutch's presence. Liz is discovered to be vandalizing Erica and they fight. Caitlin and Claude kiss, and she breaks up with Joey.

    The actual video making, that was beautiful. I loved that "Wheels dummy". I liked seeing them all change around the script and decide on things. Good for Heather and Erica in letting Lucy know they will be there to make sure Clutch doesn't do anything bad to her. And they hug in the end, symbolizing that they are at peace with each other. Everyone needs friends like Maya, who can be direct like that, to Caitlin when she needed to hear it. Even though she didn't exactly take her advice. Even though Caitlin found Claude more of a suited partner, dumping one for another almost never works. I was never fond of Liz' behavior toward Erica,though it was good they showed why she did. It is hurting, though, that her father didn't want her, and perhaps that is also why she seems to have such a low self-image and difficulty trusting. Spike shows that she may not necessarily agree, but she is supporting Liz. They never show much of what happens after, but we don't see the twins hanging out with Spike anymore; at least not in this series. Erica then starts seeing a counsellor, and it's not said if Liz does too. But I'd say she should. What's done is done; Erica can't take back her abortion so Liz can say I'll fight for you to stay in school, or I'll babysit, or whatever she does for Spike.
  • The Zit's make a video

    There's no real point to this episode. Generally these's a PSA involved in a Degrassi show but this one is just about what The Zits have to do to get a their first music video shot. Joey gets bad news from Caitlin and Liz gets very outfront about her views on abortion and tells Spike why she feels that way.