Degrassi High

Season 2 Episode 9

Extracurricular Activities

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Dec 31, 1990 on CBC

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  • Lucy and twins favourite band are making a music video at Degrassi during the weekend.


    "Extracurricular Activities" is a fun Degrassi High episode. In this episode, Lucy and twins find out their favourite band is filming a music video at Degrassi. I love how they sneak into Degrassi. I love how Joey and Snake planned to go camping, but they stop at the school to see if the janitor will let them in the school so Joey can get some notes. I love how they sneak into the school as well once they find out "The Savages" are playing there. The Caitlin plot was cheesy. I couldn't believe her parents were going to try to work things out. I give this episode a 8/10.

  • The Savages come to Degrassi to film a video, but no one is allowed to know. Lucy and the twins find out, and sneak in that day. As do Joey and Snake to get Joey's books he forgot. They get caught. Caitlin's parents tell her they're working things out.

    I didn't really like this episode much. A rock group comes to Degrassi, that can be interesting. It must be hard to be school president and have to hide things like that from your significant. Bronco was sure in a tough spot. And so was Lucy; the twins had the nerve to bring up LD; saying she'd want them to sneak in. We find that Wheels has a job, and therefore is busy. No saying on whether he moved back in with his grandparents or got his own place or is staying at a shelter. But obviously Snake still doesn't trust him. Kinda funny to see them sneaking into the school, but that's about it. The part with Caitlin was good, though. To see that people can work things out following an affair. It's hard, but it's possible. Though obviously Caitlin doesn't think so. She, in fact, wants to see a split. The brother, again, doesn't show for this one. Makes it again seem like this is a half-brother from her father. Maybe this isn't the first time; maybe the dad cheated with the mom and he's just not surprised. And it's implied in DTNG that they later did split; Caitlin gives a reference to her mom going on a cruise with her new boyfriend for Christmas in the Christmas special.