Degrassi High

Season 2 Episode 8

Home Sweet Home

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Dec 24, 1990 on CBC

Episode Recap

At Joey's house, he and Wheels are getting ready for school; Joey goes out to start the car, and Wheels, before leaving, takes Mrs. Jeremiah's wallet out of her purse, and takes some change from it. He puts the money in his pocket and goes outside.

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At school, Wheels asks Joey if he wants to play video games; Joey says that he has to work on his essay. Joey then notices the watch that Wheels is wearing; it's Joey's. He asks about it and Wheels says that he's just borrowing it as his own is broken. Snake comes over and Wheels asks him if he wants to go play video games, but Snake is busy too. Wheels heads off, and Joey tells Snake that Wheels is driving him crazy.

At the Jeremiah home, Mrs. Jeremiah goes over some bills; Joey comes home from school and she tells him that she wants to talk to him. She wants to know how much longer Wheels will be staying, commenting that he's been there a month and it's draining, both emotionally and financially. She says that Wheels's grandmother wants to talk to him, but Joey tells his mom that Wheels can't stand his grandmother; she points out that his grandmother isn't too fond of him either. Then she shocks Joey by telling him that money has been going missing, and it started shortly after Wheels started staying with them; she tells Joey that Wheels has to leave, and it has to be soon. Joey promises to talk to Wheels, but says he'll do it tomorrow as he really has to work on his essay tonight.

At school the next morning, Joey pulls into the parking lot; he tells Wheels that he wants to talk, and asks if Wheels took the money from his mother. Wheels denies it, saying that he doesn't steal, and he wouldn't be so stupid, adding that this is the first time that he's really been happy since his parents died. As he gets out of the car, Wheels suggests that maybe Joey's mom spent the money and forgot, and adds again that he didn't take it.

In the library, Alexa, Simon and Michelle study for a business test on contracts. Michelle can't think of any answers to the questions that Alexa is asking, and she tells them that she couldn't study at all last night, because the people next door to her were playing their stereo really loud; she'd asked them to turn it down, but they wouldn't. She tells them that she just wants a quiet place to study; Simon suggests that she could go back to living at her dad's house. Michelle says that he dad would see that as a sign of weakness on her part, but then realizes that the idea might work after all, and tells Simon that he's a genius.

Joey tells Snake about the missing money as they leave the school; Snake agrees with Joey and says that it's obvious that Wheels took it. Joey goes over to his car and Wheels is there waiting for him; he tells Joey about his day at school. Joey, still thinking about the money, asks Wheels how he can afford to play video games all the time; Wheels says that he has some money saved up. He realizes what Joey's getting at, and says that Joey thinks he took the money; Joey points out that ~someone~ took it, and they start to argue about it. Wheels calls Joey a jerk; Joey asks Wheels when he's going to leave. Wheels says he'll leave when he finds his own place; Joey points out that he's not even looking for a place. They drive out of the school parking lot, still arguing.

Joey and Wheels arrive at Joey's house, and they're still arguing. Wheels brings up the fact that his parents are dead, and Joey tells him that he always brings that up, but it happened two hears ago. Wheels tells Joey that he doesn't need a lecture from a jerk like Joey; Joey tells Wheels that he's right; what Wheels needs is to find a new place to live, and he can stay at the Jeremiahs until he gets a place, but he has to start looking. Wheels says that he'll leave now, and heads for the door. Before he can leave, Joey tells Wheels that he wants his watch back; Wheels takes it off and throws it to him, then walks out the door, telling Joey, "Some friend you are!"

Michelle goes to her dad's house and gets the key from under the mat; she goes inside and starts to head up the stairs to her old room, but is shocked and surprised to see her father there, fresh out of the shower. He's surprised too, and tells her that he thought she was a burglar. Michelle asks what he's doing there, commenting that she thought he had a cooking class, but he says that the class ended last week, and asks what she's doing there. Michelle says that she just needed a place to study; she turns to leave but he stops her and tells her to stay. Michelle heads upstairs to her room, and her father looks happy that she's there.

Outside, it's raining really hard. Wheels is running down the street, trying to stay under awnings, but not succeeding.

Michelle studies in her room; her father comes up with some food for her. He tells her that he didn't want to disturb her, but thought that she'd be hungry, and then offers to help her with the contracts/business studying. He asks how things are going at her apartment; she tells him that everything is fine, but he doesn't believe her; he asks her to move back home. He tells her that her apartment can't be considered a home since it's cramped and noisy; she tells him that she likes it. They start to argue; Michelle is about to leave but her father stops her, saying that she should stay and study, and he'll leave her alone. He leaves the room, but comes back a few minutes later and tells her that she might not believe it, but he loves her.

In the pouring rain, Wheels calls his grandmother from a phone booth; she's not very receptive and asks what he wants. He tells her that Joey's parents threw him out; she knew that already and says that he was stealing from the Jeremiahs. Wheels denies stealing, and says that she has to let him come home. His grandmother says that he can come back, but it will be on her rules, which include going to school, following a curfew and going to counselling. Wheels says that he doesn't need counselling; she disagrees and says that he does. Wheels promises that he'll do all the things that she wants, and things will change, but his grandmother doesn't believe him; she tells him to go to a shelter for the night.

Michelle gets ready to go back to her apartment; her father offers her a ride since it's still raining out. He asks her again to consider coming back home, and she tells him that she'll think about it, but if she does, she wants to pay rent, because that way, she'll be more like a tenant. She wants to be able to come and go as she pleases and have no curfew; he tells her that she can't stay out all night; she suggests that she could call if she's going to be out, then suggests that they could negotiate the terms, like a contract. Her father says that he'd like her to stay in a few nights a week, and they begin negotiating over how many and which nights, and they agree that they should be writing these things down.

Wheels calls Snake and asks for help; Snake tells his parents that it's a consumer survey; and speaking loudly into the phone, says, "Butter over margarine." Wheels tells him that he needs a place to stay, and he's at a phone booth just around the corner. Snake, still talking loudly about breakfast products for his parents' benefit, whispers that Wheels should meet him at the back of the house in two minutes, and he's not to knock on the door. After hanging up, Snake tells his parents that it was a consumer study on breakfast food, and sits there nervously. He then tells them that he left his bike outside in the rain, and goes out to get it. At the back door, he waits for Wheels, and when he arrives, tells him that he has to be quiet, because Snake's parents don't want him talking to Wheels; they've heard about the stealing. Wheels claims again that he didn't steal any money; he wants to stay at Snake's place and says that Snake has to let him stay as he has nowhere else to go and he's desperate. Snake says that Wheels can sleep on the porch; there's a couch and he'll get a blanket for Wheels, but he has to be gone before 7 a.m., so that Snake's parents don't find out that he was there. Wheels is shocked and blames Joey for all his problems, saying that Joey is a loser. Snake calls Wheels self-centered; Wheels tells Snake that he's had it easy because his parents are still alive; Snake tells Wheels that he has to start taking some responsibility. Wheels protests that it's not his fault that his parents are dead; Snake points out that people have tried to help him, but Wheels has only taken advantage of them. Snake reminds him again to be gone before 7 a.m. and goes inside, leaving Wheels outside in the rain.

At school the next morning, Wheels is sitting by the window, yawning. Joey walks by; Wheels asks him if he heard where Wheels spent the night, and Joey says that he did. Wheels tells him that he's going to talk to his grandmother today; he tells Joey that he's been thinking a lot and knows that he's been stupid. He tells Joey that he's sorry, and things will be different from now on; Joey doesn't believe him and just sarcastically says, "Right," and walks away. Wheels admits to Joey that he took the money, and that he wants to make it up to Joey's mom. Joey says that he'll believe it when he sees it; Wheels promises that he will see it.