Degrassi High

Season 2 Episode 8

Home Sweet Home

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Dec 24, 1990 on CBC

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  • Joey's mom tells him money has been disappearing since Wheels has been living with them. Joey confronts Wheels, and he leaves angry. Michelle studies at her dad's house, and then agrees to move back in with a contract in place.

    I always wondered how long it would be before Wheels ends up having to leave. Good to show how Joey backs him into a corner, how he can afford to play video games, but can't afford to move out. Wheels is a really good liar too. And good to show how his mom handles it as well. And good for Snake, to tell it like it is. Sometimes friends need to give tough love. And good to show how Wheels really suffers the consequences; having to be outside on the porch in the rain, as opposed to sleeping in a shelter. That's part of being an adult. Might've been interesting to show Wheels considering the shelter. Michelle's part I really enjoyed. Entertaining to see Simon giving a suggestion as far as where to study, and both her and Alexa calling him a "genius". And it's good to see her and her dad trying to re-build. And nowhere does her dad ever use the BLT break-up against her. And it's really good how she directly uses her learnings to make things better, and make the way towards a good adult relationship. After all, Michelle could've easily just moved to Calgary to be with her mom after the Loyalties, but she didn't. Good to show that running away doesn't necessarily have to be a solution. Hey; here's an idea; they could've had Wheels move in with Michelle. Haha.