Degrassi High

Season 1 Episode 14

It Creeps!

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Feb 06, 1990 on CBC

Episode Recap

The episode opens with Lucy typing up a script, and imagining what she's typing: a boy, in locker room shower; a hand reaches for door knob and walks down a hall; a girl with a knife pulls the shower curtain back and stabs the boy repeatedly; as he falls, he grabs the curtain and pulls it off the hooks. His blood pools and washes down the drain... all very much like Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. {Opening credits] In English class, the teacher hands back papers and Lucy is pleased with her grade: an A+. After class, Lucy, Tim and the twins talk to the teacher, and ask if they can film her paper instead of writing a play for the next assignment; they promise to do it on the weekend so that it won't interfere with anything. The teacher is unsure and doesn't say yes, but doesn't say no either. He promises to consider it and they all leave, excited. Spike and Liz walk down the hall and see Shane talking to Luke; Spike doesn't want Shane to see her, so she turns and goes back the way she came. Joey, Wheels and Snake wonder what Shane was yelling at Luke for and remember that he jumped off a bridge and took acid; so he's pretty messed up. Lucy asks Caitlin to be in the movie; Caitlin originally says no but Lucy won't give up, pointing out that it's a feminist horror movie. Caitlin doesn't seem interested until she sees a guy she likes go by, and then reconsiders, and says she'll do it. Snake, Wheels and Joey read the script for Lucy's movie and laugh at it; Lucy says that they owe her because she shot their Zit Remedy video for free. Snake wants to know what they'll have to do in the movie; Lucy tells them that they just have to get killed, and they won't look any more stupid than usual. Lucy asks Simon to be in the movie and he agrees; Alexa wants a part too, but Lucy tells her there's only one female part and that's already been filled, but offers the position of script-girl, which Alexa accepts. Luke tries to get rid of Shane; Spike and Liz come in, and Shane says hi to Spike. They talk a bit, then Spike leaves for class. Shane is angry that she's leaving and yells at her that she should be kicked in the head. In English class, Lucy shows her storyboards to the teacher, who agrees that they seem to be all set for the film. Lucy asks him to come in and supervise them for their filming on Saturday. On Saturday, everyone waits outside the school; the teacher arrives and lets them in, then tells them that he'll be in the staff room. They bring in all their props, and prepare for the filming. They start filming; Caitlin, as Debbie, comes in with the guys: Snake is a biker in black leather; Joey a geek with greased back hair and glasses; Simon is a football player; Wheels seems to be just a regular guy. Joey messes up his lines and calls Caitlin "Caitlin" instead of "Debbie" so they have to reshoot. Snake does his scene but isn't very believable; Joey makes fun of it being a feminist horror film. In shooting a new scene, Wheels and Simon creep down the hall and look in the office, Wheels says that he's going to check it out, and when he goes in, a hand grabs him and pulls him off-camera. Inside the office, Tim helps Wheels pour ketchup on his shirt, and hands him the fake knife; Wheels comes back out and does his death scene; everyone thinks it was great except Joey, who thinks it was all so fake. Wheels heads downstairs to clean up, and goes into the boys change room to shower. Upstairs, they continue filming; Joey walks down the hall, looking a little frightened, and is pulled into a room by the hand, and stabbed repeatedly... he dies. Downstairs, Wheels showers; a hand opens the door the boys' change-room door. Wheels, hearing something, asks if anyone is there? The camera walks down the hall and through the locker room. Wheels hears noises, and looks out from behind the curtain, asking again if anyone is there, and if it's Joey. He grabs a towel and goes out to look, still thinking it's Joey, but it's just the janitor who's wearing a Walkman, and so didn't hear him. He takes off the headphones and asks what Wheels is doing there. At school on Monday, Spike and Liz come in and see Shane again; Liz tells Spike not to talk to him, but Spike wants to. She goes over and asks if he goes to school; he tells her that he goes to a special school, and asks her if she'd like to go to a movie? Spike says no, and Shane gets angry, and calls her a jerk. Spike tells him that they both have to get on with their lives, and suggests having coffee and talking, just as friends. He says that would be nice. Liz comments that they're going to be late for class, and pulls Spike away. In English class, everyone talks about the movie; the teacher announces that they are having the world premiere of "It Creeps!!" and has Lucy introduce her film. The movie starts, and the class laughs at it; Lucy is uncomfortable and leaves the room to sit in the hallway. The teacher comes out and asks what's wrong; Lucy thinks that everyone hates her movie, but the teacher assures her that they all love it. Lucy points out that they're all laughing at it when it was supposed to be scary. However, the teacher tells her that he's impressed because she completed such a big project, and often there's a gap between what you ~want~ to do and what you ~actually~ do, but you should just keep trying. He tells her that the film is a hit, and asks her to come back in, but she doesn't want to. She sits in the hall for a moment, then looks through the classroom window, and sees everyone laughing; she goes back in; everyone is laughing and clapping at Wheels's death scene. As Simon's shower scene comes on, the room goes quiet, and everyone is paying attention to the film; Lucy is happy. The film ends, and everyone applauds.
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